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  1. SA gardener

    Safe to eat potentially sick chicken ?

    I have a 10 month old hen that hasn't layed a single egg. Two other chickens from the same batch started laying at 7 months old. So it's been 3 months since I expected her to lay but she hasn't She had a cough/sneeze in winter before the others started laying. Not sure what it was but I didn't...
  2. SA gardener

    How much do Australorp chicks eat ?

    I have 8 chicks that are currently with a broody hen and I am trying to figure out how much they eat. The mother hen also eats their feed and there isn't anything I can do to ensure she does not eat the food while still allowing the chicks to. I very much so doubt that she is eating the usual...
  3. SA gardener

    "Baby chicks" or "chicks"

    I don't know if this is the right topic to post this in, but I didn't see any other that seemed suitable Over the past couple of weeks I would Google things related to my day old chicks, and very often I would just use the word "chick" when searching. However I realised that I kept turning up...
  4. SA gardener

    Heat lamp

    I have a 100 watt heat lamp, I can't find a place nearby that stocks a fitting specifically for it. So I want to rig up my own one, it's an E27 type fitting , also known as screw type. I wanted to know what material are lamp fittings specifically made for heat lamps made of : porcelain, steel or...
  5. SA gardener

    100% hatch rate☺️ !!!

    I'm so happy 🤗 that all 8 of my eggs hatched. Was anticipating 50-80 % with my broody hen based off what I had read and I guess I got lucky. I had stored the eggs the wrong way (pointed side up) and I only realised that afterwards but they were all less than 6 days old - so fresh. Also I had...
  6. SA gardener

    Feeding chicks

    What should I feed 24 hour old chicks ? I found "broiler starter" at a local pet shop and I bought it because they had nothing else for chicks. Can I feed them it ? I'm raising some Australorps from my broody hen and some "Potchefstroom Koekoek" chicks are scheduled to arrive soon
  7. SA gardener

    Broody hens egg broken

    I found 1 of my broody hens eggs in my coop today broken. I don't know what happened but I suspect 1 of 3 things : 1- the hen incubating the egg pecked at it till it broke 2 - one of my other hens which are not broody came into the coop and caused the damage (for whatever reason) , while the...
  8. SA gardener

    Brooder setup

    One of hens has gone broody and is currently incubating 9 eggs (all I had at the time she went broody). I can't be sure ,but it seems like I'll get 7 chicks (if I'm interpeting the candling right). I read that a hen depending on its size can look after 14 + chicks. Mine, being medium sized, I...
  9. SA gardener

    Homemade yogurt for cats

    I have been attempting to make yogurt lately with a simple lemon juice starter culture (lemon juice in milk left for about 4 hours) and using that in a bowl of milk. It hasn't worked out too well since the texture is not right and it's smelling a little sour. So is it fine if I give this...
  10. SA gardener

    Double yolk ☺️

    Don't know how this happened but I'm glad it did 😋
  11. SA gardener

    2 eggs one day

    One of my hens laid 2 eggs today, but the problem is that one of them was shell-less I am 100% sure it's from this one particular hen since I seen it sitting in the box right before finding the eggs. It laid a normal egg at 8AM and a shell-less at 6PM (10 hours apart) The hen is new to laying...
  12. SA gardener

    Eggs laid from perch

    Found 3 eggs this morning, one normal in the nesting box and 2 under the perch ,of those 2 : 1 was shell-less and the other was smashed ( from impact) The shell-less egg came from a hen laying for the first time while the smashed egg came from a hen that had laid 2 other eggs previously during...
  13. SA gardener

    First egg!!!!!!! 🙂

    Got my first egg today Sooo exciting 1 of my 3 Australorps (don't know which one) , laid this egg in the middle of the run next to their feeder and water, which is a spot with moist soil that they usually bath in ,odd place to lay an egg The egg is tiny, a mere 40 grams (1.41 ounces) and appears...
  14. SA gardener

    Cracks on egg?

    A friend of mine has Australorp hens that are laying eggs that look like this. He says that they are "cracks" that sometimes proceed to become tiny holes. Any idea why they look this way ? He feeds them laying mash but has not started supplimenting them with calcium yet They are laying for the...
  15. SA gardener

    Feed composition

    I intend to transition my hens to this feed/pellets (from mash) when they start laying Is the calcium content too low (3% - 4.5 %) ?
  16. SA gardener

    Rooster mating before first egg

    My Australorps are currently more than 28 weeks old, no eggs yet 😵. However of the 3 hens , 1 hens comb is becoming bright pink (not red) and is not squatting and another one is squatting but her comb is not becoming any redder/pinker. Do pullets combs have to be fully reddened before laying or...
  17. SA gardener

    Does anyone know what breed this is ?

    Only have a picture from this angle
  18. SA gardener

    Hey I'm new... Well kinda

    Hey My name is Zaheer, I joined this forum about 2 months ago, but didn't realise there was a thread to introduce myself😁. I am 21 yo student at WITS university in Johannesburg, South Africa 🇿🇦 and a first time chicken owner I currently have 4 Australorp chickens - 3 hens and 1 rooster. I got...
  19. SA gardener

    Productivity vs popularity

    Lohmann browns seem to be very unpopular among backyard chicken keepers, this is surprising - since they are apparently very productive (320 eggs per year), never go broody and are overall good chickens Is there a reason for this that I am not seeing ? Aesthetically unappealing perhaps
  20. SA gardener

    Young rooster vs old rooster

    Now that I'm 100% sure that one of my "hens" is actually a rooster, I'm starting to think of the possible problems associated with keeping it It is starting to crow increasingly often and considering that my coop/run is a mere 10 metres ( 10.94 yards) from the neighbours house, I can only hope...
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