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  1. criker99

    Drum roll Please ... First Harvested Chicken ...

    Here is a picture of my fresh from the oven barred rock rooster who was processed on Saturday. Yes ... I do recognize he doesn't have much breast meat, but that's great for me ... I don't like white meat! Cooked in a Romertopf clay pot ... I'm going to have to get a bigger one; these guys...
  2. criker99

    Processed yesterday ... They are still in the ice chest with ice

    No worries of the ice melting too soon. I dont have a lot of room in the fridge. I am confused .... Are the supposed to set wet or dry? Is the cooler ok? What should i be doing and when do. Get to eat?
  3. criker99

    First Time Processor This Weekend ... How Many Join Me?

    It sure has been an interesting weekend. I have been talking to my husband about processing extra roosters the last 3 hatches over the last year. He and DD say absolutely not. Well, actually, DD says absolutely not, DH said I do not think that's a good idea. I've talked to various family...
  4. criker99

    Chick hatched but a weird situation

    marans chick hatched but had "goo" on it that dried the feathers hard instead of fluffy AND the chick doesn't appear to have much for feathers on it's back or neck. Washed said chick in warm water to get the goo off. Sure enough ... doesn't have much feathers on the back or neck. Now at day 1...
  5. criker99

    Leg banding & penning for different marans breeding purposes

    So we are just beginning on this endeavor in earnest and I want to provide the best guidance possible to the kids. We do want to track hatchings (when hatched) and specific information for the eggs we hatch. We only have 3 pens available to put these marans in so I need to figure out how to...
  6. criker99

    October Hatching ... How many are in? I'm due to hatch on 10/17

    I set my latest 12 eggs yesterday, so I'm due to lockdown on 10/14 and hatch on 10/17! I'm so excited!
  7. criker99

    What to do ... what to do ... now I have 2 Brinsea Oct 20 incubators

    AND a battery brooder with 2 grow outs (taller) that are all heated. I am so spoiled by my husband! Anyway, I really do need some advice on how to handle this. We've had 90-100% hatch with our first brinsea oct 20 (holds about 24 hen eggs) which we bought used off of craigslist about a year...
  8. criker99

    Was told this is a cuckoo marans rooster ... or barred rock?

    Charlie is large, really large ... towering over my other chickens (all are full size, no banty). Really nice bird and very upright in build. He's about 2 yrs old now. Granted I'm a little color blind, but I don't think he has yellow legs, I think they are whiteish. How can I really know?
  9. criker99

    Itty Bitty egg from a full size leghorn

    I've had pullet eggs before, but this is the smallest egg I have ever seen from a regular chicken. I've got two pictures, one is with a quarter and one is with a regular size egg layed the same day. Any thoughts? With a quarter: With a regular sized egg:
  10. criker99

    So what gender is this weird toed chicken?

    We hatched this chicken with about 24 others in our incubator. Just noticed this one has really weird feet (in addition to uncertainty of gender). It hatched on 09/22/09, so is now 5 1/2 months old so I guess we should be hearing crowing if we're going to, but it's hatch mate is just beginning...
  11. criker99

    Mystery Free "Rare" chick from McMurray 2/13/10 **pix UPDATED here*

    So ... what are your best guesses? Photo taken at 2 days old ... I recognize that it is likely a roo (although we can always hope, can't we?). Came with an order of 50 pearl white leghorns commercial egg layer bargain. My first time ordering from a commercial hatchery ... and my first time...
  12. criker99

    Our First Hatch - Brinsea Octogan 20 ROCKS - EXTRA LONG STORY

    First let me start by saying that I found this site a few weeks before we got our first chickens. I spent hours on here researching and really appreciate te wealth of information. I did wonder whether it was really as addicting as everyone said. Just to give a little background ... my...
  13. criker99

    Woo Hoo ... we're in business now!

    So my daughter's wanted to get chickens for a long time. We decided to bite the bullet about a month ago. So ... first we found a hen house (a shed), then we found a couple of chain link kennels to use for fencing and then my daughter and I got it all set up. Hubby cut a chicken door in and I...
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