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  1. muans

    my hens hate the rooster???😫

    i am housing 3 female and 1 rooster(all couturnix quail) in a 4feet square small aviary and all the hens run away from the rooster is kind to them only just showing he's the boss but when ever they meet the rooster every hens starts to run way from him and were flying high up and then trying...
  2. muans

    aviary for quail and zebra finches

    here's my new setup for my balcony small aviary...any suggestions on arraging waterer and feeder for both the quails and the zebra finches?? i will pit sand for the bedding and add some more rocks to give it a natural looks and yes shelters for the quails...btw i will be housing 3 female and 1...
  3. muans

    day 17 no pipping help!!

    there was a power outage for 8 hours for two days respectively and it's now late day 17. I could hear her chirping and the eggs keep on shaking most of the time. Her mother is given calcium supplements and i even saw calcium deposit on some of her eggs. should i give it one more day or crack...
  4. muans

    embryo developing odd??

    one if my incubated quail egg embryo developes near the aircell just below the line of the aircell..i saw this when i candled this this normal??
  5. muans

    is this button quail???

    they found it on the city as a wild 23weeks ago
  6. muans

    i really want button quail😔

    i live in india and i could not found any button quail even eggs for hatching..can anyone send me !????
  7. muans

    embryos died at 5 days old

    there was a spike in temperature for about 2hrs due to malfunctioning of power this morning😔
  8. muans

    colour mutation

    if pharoah quail and english white mate, what will be the colour of the chick???
  9. muans

    thin lining blood on egg yolk!!

    i was trying to let my quails go broody but with 14 eggs she did not yet sit on i collected all the egg and was planning to scrambled them..but when i cracked some eggs there was a thin strain of blood on the yolk what could this be?? is it they were sitting on the eggs? or the hot...
  10. muans

    my quail died in the hands of our dog🥀😢

    hi guys..this is singsong my very first surviving quail amongst my first hatchings...sadly as i was cleaning the incubator room..i suddenly heard my quails flipping their wings and as i quickly rushed out to see what was going on ..then 'this happen😞..SINGSONG' took her last breath in the hands...
  11. muans

    chick died before hatching!!!!

    in my previous thread i talked about embryo death inside the shell due to earthquake and today i was right..i opened the shell and they were all dead..what do you guys think could be the cause of their death from the picture
  12. muans

    earthquake and chick died!!

    last night there was an earthquake at 5.6 magnitude and today when i candle the eggs all have died i guess no moving at it true that sound waves or vibration can kill chick inside the egg?
  13. muans

    earthquake and egg died!!

    last night there was an earthquake and when i candle the incubating eggs all have died i guess no moving at all!! is it true that when an earthquake occurs chicks died inside the egg??
  14. muans

    should i assist or not??

    it pipped 7 hrs ago and the membrane seems dry or not?
  15. muans

    humidity cannot rise!! please help

    under the egg tray i put one rectangular shape tray with a sponge and water and near the heat emiiters i put a square bowl with sponge and water my hygrometer not accurate ?? well the temperature are not the same with this device and my other thermometer which i put at the side
  16. muans

    condensation while testing an incubator!!!please help

    i've just finished building my styrofoam still air incubator and added the room temperature water and after a mins condensation started to develop..what shall i do?? the humidity level is now 88%(no eggs inside yet)
  17. muans

    incubator heat bulb placement suggestion?

    i am in an urgent since my last homemade incubator is not accurate so i'll post it here too..i am building anew homemade incubator with a styrofaom cooler and the size is 1feet 3inche long, 1 ft wide, 1 feet is supposed to be a still air incubator and i have a dimmer switch for...
  18. muans

    i really need again some help with placements of my incubator

    where will i put the heating lamp and the eggs and bowl of water for humidity??? incubator measures 1feet and 3 inches long 1 feet wide and 1 feet tall
  19. muans

    colour mutation

    if my pharoah coturnix breeds with my english white what will be the colour of the chick?
  20. muans

    chick pipped at the wrong side!!!!

    i can see its beak pushing the shell and moving and often cries..since this morning..what can i do??
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