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  1. FunkyChickenButt

    Help with soundproofing

    Yes I definitely know what you’re talking about. I’ve bought two brands off Amazon and this one was the much better/thicker one. Like I said—I think it helps slightly but wasn’t as impactful as I was hoping.
  2. FunkyChickenButt

    Can I plant flowers without my chickens murdering them?

    Hi all, I just moved to a place with some planting boxes, one of which my 3 bantams like to dirt bath and scratch in. I’d like to plant a couple things there (maybe lavender or something chick friendly) but I’m worried that the girls will absolutely decimate them. I also want to leave some...
  3. FunkyChickenButt

    Help with soundproofing

    I had never built anything before but got some help from two friends to make something very basic. We had the majority of the wood cut while at Home Depot and were able to make a 8x4x6 box style run (I only have 3 bantams) and I repurposed a dog house for the coop. This is after I bought and...
  4. FunkyChickenButt

    I need to vent...

    Not sure if anyone already said this but I put a little battery operated lamp in the coop (up through the ramp) for a half hour or hour the first couple days when it would start to get dark. That really helped them see that they were supposed to go up there. Also I just keep my dog totally...
  5. FunkyChickenButt

    Goofiest chicken contest

    Working from home with my 6 month old d’uccle pullet, Louise.
  6. FunkyChickenButt

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    This is my silly goose d’uccle, Louise. She has the cutest beard even after just rolling around in the dirt.
  7. FunkyChickenButt

    New to Silkies and I have questions

    In all my research and my experience as a new chicken mother, you really can’t tell for some until they’re 5-6 months along. I tried to guess with my young chicks and even got one that looked very feminine at 3 months old—started crowing at 5 months! So sad, we can’t have roosters in my area so...
  8. FunkyChickenButt

    Trouble examining black silkie

    Hi all. We had a dog run into our yard and attack my black showgirl with satin feathers. I could see a little drop of blood on her face (looks like it may have come from elsewhere on her body) and there were definitely a good amount of feathers pulled out. Luckily I was there to intervene...
  9. FunkyChickenButt

    What WON'T your chickens eat?

    Green beans and carrots. What, are they too good for em?
  10. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    Thanks 🙏 tons of dried leaves and things around for them. I may try to make a swing? Just want them to have a fulfilling life haha
  11. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    Yes, it’s a corrugated plastic roof and is surrounded by 1/2 inch hardware mesh. I plan to put a roost about 3 ft up in the run as well. Do you all have any suggestions about other additions in the run? I feel like one roost is a little boring for them.
  12. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    Thanks all, that’s really helpful. I moved from Ohio where winters are coooold but didn’t know if my California chickens would be chilled during the night at 40 degrees 😅
  13. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    One d’uccle, one showgirl with satin feathers, and a silkie/Cochin with satin feathers so all have actual feathers. I was wondering if those gaps would be in my favor to help with ventilation in summer but negative in winter. I can definitely consider adding more ventilation next spring but...
  14. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply—very helpful. I’ve already learned the hard way so much in my chicken journey, it’s nice to get some advice before it’s too late!
  15. FunkyChickenButt

    Advice - Modified dog house

    Hi folks, Like so many other first time chicken parents, I bought a pre-fab coop. Like many others, I’m now building a replacement coop (picture below is in progress). I created a basic 8x4x6 run and have gotten a medium sized dog house to modify for the actual coop. I have three banties and...
  16. FunkyChickenButt

    first time egg hatching

    I’m new to chickens myself but it looks like you’ve got a start there! It might be helpful to browse some past posts for insigh
  17. FunkyChickenButt

    Buy? Or Build? Heeeeellllllppppp!!

    Hi there. I was in the same position you are about 6 months ago as a first time chicken owner. I bought a pretty good sized prefab coop that said it would hold four LF chickens (about 21 sq ft) which I thought would be great for my four bantams. I’m in the process of building a coop right now as...
  18. FunkyChickenButt

    Satin showgirl sexual maturation

    Hahah, got your attention!
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