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  1. WalkingWolf

    City demanded on my property !!

    Flashing a badge while conducting a search or inspection and claiming to be a city(government) employee would be reasonable for most people to assume the carrier is a LE unless they identify themselves as other. Flash any badge that you displayed and make a demand and you are not a LE will most...
  2. WalkingWolf

    City demanded on my property !!

    Quote: From post #11 by the OP "They showed me no id. But said they were city the city. They had badge on them."
  3. WalkingWolf

    City demanded on my property !!

    Quote: Misleading someone to get them to consent to a search is not illegal. Nor do they have to advise her of her rights before getting her consent. All though it should be held the same as Miranda it is not. This is one of the rights that you have to know an stand up for on your own. Also...
  4. WalkingWolf

    City demanded on my property !!

    "I had like a sticker on it that said volunteer code enforcement. I did not see car until i went out to go out and saw them going to their truck." Home Owners Association~~They are not government employees, and since they showed badges file charges for impersonating police officers! They...
  5. WalkingWolf

    **Casey Anthony Verdict In ..**

    Apparently the jury felt the state did not prove the case. I feel as well as most people that Casey killed her whether accidentally or on purpose. That is not the same as proving it, that is called emotions. The prosecution made the same mistake that the OJ prosecution team did, and that was...
  6. WalkingWolf

    What color Will my Odd ball silkie chicks be????

    You have to keep in mind with any chicken the color can change completely with the first molt. Most pumpkins are hatched yellow but turn anywhere from white, to ginger, to wheaton. I have several silkie chicks hatched light gray and one has already turned black. Unless you know the genetics of...
  7. WalkingWolf


    Crows are a good bird to have around unless you have chicks or small bantams. I have lost a couple chicks in the past to crows, they will fly into the deep woods where a hawk may not. I have seen them take good sized chicks, and one time take a silkie but drop her because it could not hang on in...
  8. WalkingWolf

    every chick died :(

    Quote: What about ventilation?
  9. WalkingWolf

    Help with home made waterer PLS!

    Air leaking from the lid is pretty much a problem with bucket waterers, even when the lid is tight. And if not initially the seal will sooner or later fail if you are taking the lid off to fill. Putting the holes at the top not only ensures a proper vacuum it makes the bucket easier to handle...
  10. WalkingWolf

    Help with home made waterer PLS!

    The top of the bucket is not sealed, so air comes in the top. If you can plug the two holes on the bottom drill the holes 1 inch from the top and then turn the bucket over in your base.
  11. WalkingWolf

    Dear Admins and Mods...

    I can't point fingers, I helped build the pyramids...
  12. WalkingWolf

    HELP: What breed of dog should I get to guard my chickens?

    We had wolves around he chickens with no problems, lost two though because of old age. We just got a mutt that was given to us, the remaining wolf is 13, we wanted a replacement before he passed. So far we have had the pup a month and he is doing fine with the chickens, two broody hens taught...
  13. WalkingWolf

    When will they go in at night?

    Quote: 4 weeks is a tad early to expect them to roost, they are probably still in the cuddling stage. Like another poster said leave them in the coop for a week if it is not too hot. If you cannot do that then gradually reduce the amount of food in the run until they are hungry enough at...
  14. WalkingWolf

    When will they go in at night?

    Put food where you want them to go.
  15. WalkingWolf

    Very nasty picture, not for the weak stomach. Bad infection in the eye

    I have never seen a eye infection that bad, but I am sure others here have. Clean it and apply a eye antibiotic, your farm store should have it. I use neosporin for minor eye scrapes my birds have but your birds is much more serious. Depending on the cause you may need to use a injection...
  16. WalkingWolf

    RIP Big Guy

    OEGB are not big enough or game enough to protect a flock. Most times game roosters only fight when challenged. Docile roosters will keep their distance, but other game roosters will fight to the death. To handle a fox you would need a American Gamecock, or a Shamo something very game with size...
  17. WalkingWolf

    Treating eye infection

    It is transmitted by shedding, most likely drinking water. As far as carriers you will find with research that almost all backyard flocks are exposed, and even hatchery birds. It is common in wild birds so even if the birds are clean initially they may become infected later. Water sources should...
  18. WalkingWolf

    Alright, Enough is enough.. can they stay out in the rain? QUICK HELP

    Just provide them with shelter to get under during the rain. You could use lawn furniture where they are at or maybe set up a small lean to or tent using a tarp.
  19. WalkingWolf

    How young is too young to charge a child with murder

    Quote: Here is the report from CBS
  20. WalkingWolf

    Diarhea in New adult Hen

    Were the birds shipped? Are they drinking a lot of water due to the heat?
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