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  1. Chicken586

    What gender is this?

  2. Chicken586

    Chick twitching.

    Hi I bought 8 chicks yesterday day and today one chick died, but the one that died came back to life! I’m not lying, so we took it inside and it also has a impacted crop also keeps twitching and jumping and lays down. Please help, thank you.
  3. Chicken586

    Help! Chicken with large mass!

    This happened today, we think that it’s a egg stuck but it has a really hard feeling to it. Feels like a peach seed. If you can help thank you.
  4. Chicken586

    How old should a silke be to give it a bath?

    Hello! I was just wondering, how old does a silke have to be or you can start bathing when the look old enough. Thanks!
  5. Chicken586

    Help! Weird stuff coming out of vent!

    I have a chick that was very active yesterday, but today she is so weak, we gave her water but she did not drink any. Help please!
  6. Chicken586


    Hello everyone, I know this is a funny question, but why do my chickens put shavings on their backs while there broody, just wondering.
  7. Chicken586


    Question, what breed of chicken is this?
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