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  1. Smittenroade

    Meteor Shower Tonight 1/4/2012

    Eastern North America and Western Europe have the best view. Its called the Quadrantid shower. If you are in North America look towards the North Eastern side and might see some. Pretty cool, I've seen some already! Just a friendly advisory, happy stargazing! ^_^ Btw, this is early morning...
  2. Smittenroade

    Ranch Logo Design

    Just finished my ranches logo, wanted to see what you all thought of it? Also, if anyone wants any graphic design stuff just hit me up! Brochures Business Cards Logos Internet Banners Ect. I know as, ranchers and farmers we don't have much disposable income but I am reasonably cheap and...
  3. Smittenroade

    Begginer Livestock Help

    I've been thinking about getting some cows, goats, pigs ya know whatever...Maybe make a little money off it on the side. I am not looking to be a millionare or anything. I just want to make my farm a little more productive. I am working on a fence to put up around 15 acres of my property. If...
  4. Smittenroade

    Dead Chicken Mystery Solved (Picts)

    So, we had 5 chickens dissappear lately. And I had put game cameras out near the pond. Anyways, to make a long story short...I found a ton of feathers near the pond and realized the game camera was in view. There was no bones or beaks or anything just a bunch of feathers...You know what that...
  5. Smittenroade

    Wild Mysterious Rare Chicken Breed

    I found this breed lurking near the Missississippi river when I was visiting Illinois. What kind of breed is it?
  6. Smittenroade

    Who Likes MEAN ROOSTERS?

    I say the meaner, angrier, tougher a rooster is the BETTER! I don't live in the city like most on here and a good tough game cock helps protect their flock, cuz I can't be around 24/7. The weak roosters don't last very long with all the predators out here...Yes, I have to keep all my cocks in...
  7. Smittenroade

    Smittenroade's Art Academy Classroom: Human Anatomy

    Hello, everyone my name is Smittenroade and welcome to Drawing the Human Anatomy Class! Shoutout to 44Wolves our Principal...
  8. Smittenroade

    Brand Spankin' New Peafowl Coop!! Made It Myself (PLUS PICTS)

    Tell me what you think... Lots of blood sweat and tears went into it. The coop side is 12'x12' 7' tall and the run is around 20'x12' 16' tall Heres the run. The brooder is to the right. This is the brooder inside. The roost. Oh, I know someone will say something so before you do there...
  9. Smittenroade

    I knew that dumb hen was laying somewhere!

    Now she's off in the woods sitting on like 12 eggs....grrrr....anyone want any OEG's? lol She's going to pop out in a bit with 12 chicks peeping behind her happily...thats IF she survives! Which she is pretty mean and probably will.
  10. Smittenroade

    Hello, my name is Smittenroade and I'm a Chick-oholic

    Hello, my name is Smittenroade and I'm a Chick-oholic! I couldn't find one of my chickens today and she's been acting a little broody and we think she may have been laying somewhere else because we havent been getting much eggs lately.....But I'm not sad about it...I am kinda glad...I take that...
  11. Smittenroade

    Anybody caught any snakes yet this year?

    I caught a 6 1/2 ft long rat snake in my coop already, pulled him out and put him in a cooler to relocate him. I've also seen quite a bit of water maucasins already which is a bad sign >.< (Take my snake stick everywhere)
  12. Smittenroade

    Just realized my peachicks are all brothers and sisters...

    I got all my peachicks from the same batch so they're all brother and sisters, what a conundrum. Hmm...Well, we dont want any what are the options with peabirds? Should I buy some later for mating? Would it be a problem to introduce new members to the flock later? Do peafowl...
  13. Smittenroade

    Feeding baby peachicks...

    I have found it's really annoying getting peachicks to eat their crumbles! I'm feeding them lettuce/cabbage and my chickens eggs...any tricks to help them understand that crumbles are good to eat? lol I'll figure it out eventually...
  14. Smittenroade

    What Breed Or Gender Are These!?!?!

    I ordered these from Poultry Farms NWA for $3.50 each and they said they were some kind of rare chicken breed. I wanted to get your thoughts on what breed.
  15. Smittenroade

    I just had this garden "PLOT" (idea)

    I just finished reading an article about obesity in the UK, 6-9 year olds having strokes ect. We all know this is a major issue in the developing world, no country is immune to this disease. China is also starting to have obesity problems and the more it develops the fatter people get. It is no...
  16. Smittenroade

    Peachicks FINALLY! (CUTE PICTS)

    So, after months and months of searching I finally found a breeder with some sitting hens. The peachicks finally hatched now and here are some pictures! Is there any good resources to study up on peachick care ect? A couple links would be magnificent!
  17. Smittenroade

    The journey is near it's end...FINALLY!!!

    So, I check nearly 50 breeders on the internet I call and email them for peachicks, most were already sold out or there websites were just old and they werent selling anymore... Soooo, then I decided to post up on the BYC forums and got a couple responses but no definites. After that I gave...
  18. Smittenroade

    What breed is for me?

    So, I have some game chickens for brooding, leghorns for egg laying, and cornish X's for meat. Now I want some kind of show chicken, I was thinking about getting into a little exhibition. However, this is all new territory for me. I'm looking for a breed that isn't as common as a silkie, but not...
  19. Smittenroade

    Animal Hoarding ((alert))

    "People who hoard animals (chickens) are not able to stop their behavior, just as a drug addict cannot stop doing drugs. It often starts with the person feeling sorry for unwanted animals (chickens) and wanting to take them in and give them a home. One by one the animals (chickens) are brought...
  20. Smittenroade

    Buy Peacocks

    I was just wondering if there are any breeders on here selling? Or maybe if someone can direct me to a breeding farm they have used before? I've been looking everywhere and the majority of people are sold out. I would also prefer to get 3-5 week old peachicks because I don't have an incubator...
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