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    Rock cross chicks from rural king SICK!!!!!!!!!

    I am not very happy right now. I bought 30 chicks and 3 turkeys from the rural king. The first day home I noticed 2 sneezing. Now (6 days later) many are sneezing, and 1 died who was one of the first to sneeze. Its little throat was full of mucus. I think that they have infectious...

    New nest boxes

    I spent the day building. I have 67 chicks, some will be roosters, but I built 21 more nest holes for the "new" coop. Yep that darn chicken math! I will screw a 2x4 on the wall then rest the million pound nest contraption on it then screw it to the wall through the back. (With my husbands help...


    Does anyone have these and do you like them? I ordered a few and was considering ordering a rooster. I thought these would make good meat roosters and layer hens. Do you have any pictures of them? I guess that I am just kinda excited about this new (to me) breed!

    This gosh darn rooster!!!!

    Ok I had a broody hatch a few chicks. One turned out to be a really stately pea combed Americauna/speckled sussex cross. I planned to keep him. So last night I took my 5, 5 month old chicks to the hen house after everyone went to bed. The timed light comes on at 3 am so I trugged out there to...

    My keeper rooster crosses

    I have a speckled sussex rooster "Oliver" I crossed him with 2 of my americauna hens, one of which got taken by a hawk ( the really nice one of course!) I got really great roos (I wanted hens) I have decided to keep them. I love his speckly beard, he talks like his mom Hennie, so I call him...

    New to runner ducks!

    I ordered 20 runners for March delivery. I got 1 male for every 4 females. I never had this type of duck. I have a brooder ready for them, but I am going to build them housing over the winter. I am open to advise on what they prefer for their house. I am sure they will need to be locked in over...

    My new chick brooder, got it built really early for March!!

    I decided to make a large brooder. I thought and thought and this is what I come up with. It has two hinged lids, two lamps that adjust up and down and can be removed and holes can be covered. It is 8 feet long 27 inches deep 18 inches tall. The front can be easily covered if needed, our shop is...

    Added a ton of leaves to the coop and run= chicken heaven!

    I have been reading about the deep litter system So we did leaves today, and two big tarp loads went into the coop! I have a tin roof on the run so they won't get soggy. I will clean them...

    winterizing ideas on the cheap. pictures

    Wind is always a problem, and we all have feed sacks! I decided rather than buying a light colored tarp that will get trashed over the winter. I would utilize these old translucent feed bags. They are sturdy weaved material. I cut the bottoms off slit the sides open and made a sheet. Perfect! So...
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    This is a cool you tube video!!- steady feathers

    Video Humor This is a funny video we saw just this week. It is great to see more and more chickens making into the movie scene! Click Here to Watch On YouTube
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    A stinking hawk got one of my girls today and injured another!

    I came home from work tonight to find all of my chickens cowering in the coop. They did the alert clucking when I walked up to the coop. I talked to them and they settled down. I knew something was wrong. I did I walk to the pasture, and only about 50 feet from the coop was feathers everywhere...
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    Built a nest box attachment for two broody hens

    My problem began when two Dominique hens went broody, they never returned to the same nest. There are 14 nest boxes, so I guess this confused them! I tried moving the hens to a better (in my eyes) location when it was dark out.(where I had my cochin hatch) They would not take to the new nest and...
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    Scaley leg mites!

    I noticed a few of my hens lower leg near the ankle had a few scales standing out. I read my health handbook, and it said for treatment and prevention- Mix 1 part kerosene to 2 parts linseed oil. Paint the mixture on roosts and their legs. In the mid-day I coated all of the roosts. When...
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    Broody white cochin hatched two so far overnight!!

    I have a 28 week old white cochin who was determined to have chicks!! I gave her some of the best eggs laid over two days. Today is day 21!! Two hatched overnight, I am impatiently waiting for more!! I am not sure which hens these are out of as of now. I have two speckled sussex roosters and a...
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    Ordered an automatic chicken door!

    I order the VSB from Foys. My thought was to use it on the house. We are home in the morning to let the girls out of their run, but in the winter months it will be after dark when we get home. I am thinking that I will install it on the house. I will open and shut the run, morning and night...
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    Artificial egg' made from PLANTS??
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    What breed do you have that is your best free ranger?

    Tell about your best forager in your flock. Which breed utilizes pasture the best.
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    Sick birds at county fair!!!

    My mom and I went to the fair, we always stop to see all of the animals. I could not believe my eyes!!! One chicken had a puffed up eye that had puss oozing out of it! All of the chickens from this one specific town entry had what I thought was pox!!! They had at least a dozen chickens that had...
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    What is a fair price for medium eggs?

    What is a fair price for medium eggs? We keep the really small ones for ourselves and family. Free range on green pasture and layer pellets.
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    I got my new egg scale today...

    I was all excited to receive my new egg scale. So I weighed a few of my eggs.....pee-wee to medium... My hens are now 27 weeks old. When should I start getting some larger eggs. I know the Dominiques will lay a smaller egg as they are a smaller bird. I also have black jersey giants, black...
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