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  1. Speedychicken27

    Quail not hatching after piping....

    I am hatching quail eggs right now and there hatch day was Friday the 12. One pipped but nothing happened that day. Saturday another pipped and hatched that night but the first had made no progress but it is still alive. Now it is Sunday and the last one pipped but the first is still the same no...
  2. Speedychicken27

    What breed?????

    I bought this girl about a year ago for a woman full grown. She did not know the breed. But recently the chicken(Blanco) went missing 2 weeks later still couldn’t find her so we thought she got eaten but one day she started to show up but only for a short amount of time. Then she came back today...
  3. Speedychicken27

    Egg candling

    Hi I’m doing a little test run on my incubator and am testing it with my eggs. They may not all be fertile but I decided to try it and was wondering what you think. Today is day 4
  4. Speedychicken27

    Getting out

    I have an Americana chicken and every day she gets out we don't know how and then goes and lays her eggs some where. How should I keep her in?
  5. Speedychicken27

    Chicks out side

    I am raising baby chicks they are now fully fearhered and in a small coop out side. Every night I have to go out there and put them in the top thing, how do I teach them to go up there?
  6. Speedychicken27

    4 days!!!!!

    I have a few questions first I am incubating the eggs in an egg carton (up and down) should I take them out (on there side) for the last 3 days? Dose anyone have tips on anything?? Can any one post pics of candling eggs day 17 Thanks!!
  7. Speedychicken27

    Who elts is from Michagan

    I Live in northern Michagan. Pls leave comment if you live around here!
  8. Speedychicken27


    Hi do you have any funny or interesting poultry pics or stories if so pls share them!:D
  9. Speedychicken27


    What do you think the ideal humidity and temp are for days 1-18? And how Much should I allow it to flexuate?
  10. Speedychicken27

    !Grow along!

    I incubated 20 chicken eggs and non we’re fertile. So today I went to tractor Supply (strictly instructed no chicks are coming home!) when we got there there was a chick in the water dish barely moving and I said loudly “there is a chick in the water and no one is helping it!” Finally the lady...
  11. Speedychicken27

    Float test Fail???

    what dose it mean when the fat end is up and the pointy end down????
  12. Speedychicken27

    Names #2

    Now that I have some cute bunny names ( I am going to get it today) I need chicken names I have some hatching right now! Hopefully no sign yet
  13. Speedychicken27

    Day 21

    I am freaking out today is day 21 and NO sign at all of hatching!! I need any advise (or a pep talk lol)
  14. Speedychicken27


    Today is hatch day, if you put in the eggs at 5 will they hatch before, at, or after 5? I am getting norvice no signs at all!
  15. Speedychicken27

    Will they survive??

    I have to put my first batch of eggs on lockdown is it OK if I don't turn my other 5-7 day old eggs for 2 days or only turn them 1 time a day??
  16. Speedychicken27

    Incubation emergency

    I really wasn't thinking:he I have 20 eggs ready to hatch in 4 days and I put in more:oops: now I have 20 16 day old and 14 17 day old eggs in the same incubator (I don't have another one) what should I do when it is lock down!
  17. Speedychicken27


    I am getting a baby bunny in a few weeks and it will need a name! Pls comment cute boy and girl names! (My previous bunnies name was whinnie she was amazing):love I have came up with 2 names u can vote but pls comment more.
  18. Speedychicken27


    I am so excited my eggs are hatching in 6 days :love:love but I also have 16 5 day old eggs in the same incubator. During lockdown can I still flip the other eggs? How would you do it??
  19. Speedychicken27

    Whenever to put them in

    I have 20 in the incubator right now and just got 12 more how soon can I put them in.
  20. Speedychicken27

    Double yolker?????

    I have 2 eggs that are much bigger and heavier that the others.sorry bad pic. White egg is leg horn other is mystery egg.
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