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  1. mmaddie's mom

    Caribbean chickens

    Just got back from the Caribbean (relax, not as glamorous as it sounds... we were crew on a missionary boat for 15 days... very beautiful place, wonderful Caribbean people, but very hot, very hard and nothing is easy)... anyway, our Captain came back from shore and told me that there were 2 hens...
  2. mmaddie's mom

    You've sold me... sand is in! Pics!

    1400 lbs. of sand later... Never used sand before so I hope it's as good as y'all say! to see the whole project go to...
  3. mmaddie's mom

    chipmunk striped chicks

    Do all chipmunk striped chicks turn out to be roosters... seems like it?
  4. mmaddie's mom

    incubator 10 day question-veining?

    At 10 days I'm seeing either nothing (duds) or dark blobs... I see no veins (I thought I needed veins)... what am I seeing? In case you can't tell, I'm new to incubating.
  5. mmaddie's mom

    Bantam Ameraucana chicks? Illinois, West Indiana, East Iowa, East Mo.

    Anyone in Illinois or neighboring states have any Bantam Ameraucana chicks? I'm interested! My flock was almost wiped out by a mink this last Winter... I'm down to 4 hens & a young roo. We are in the process of building a whole new set-up that will be much more predator proof. I'm trying...
  6. mmaddie's mom

    Third time is the charm...*PICS 7/19*... broody took incubator babies!

    I hope! This is my 3rd try with the incubator... first time absolutely nothing (no developement at all)... second time 5 developed but died before hatching... so I'm thinking this time I will have some babies... RIGHT?!?
  7. mmaddie's mom

    Everybody is now back home...

    .... at least all that are left of my flock. Lost most of my flock to a mink last Winter and the 8 hens I had left after the attack went to live with a friend and her flock until I could predator proof my set-up. I kept my young roo and put him in a safe dog crate at night. Yesterday 4 of...
  8. mmaddie's mom

    Eggtopsy... pics... what did i do wrong?

    First of all, I HATE doing an eggtopsy... makes me very sad. I gave them an extra week and finally decided that I HAD to do it... and it WAS very sad... 5 had no developement (just runny yolks)... 5 with babies at various stages of developement (are these called quitters?)... one looked like it...
  9. mmaddie's mom


    I'm on day 25 and not holding out much hope... several looked like they were developing... will wait a few more days... how does one go about doing an eggtopsy?
  10. mmaddie's mom

    Brooder box question... solution... pics :)

    I have an old brooder box that I have had for years, but because my broodies have been so good, I haven't used it in probably 10-12 years. It is made of tin(?) and is solid tin enclosing one end (1/3 of box) and the sides and other end are fine hardware cloth (2/3 of box) and a solid tin lid...
  11. mmaddie's mom

    day 10... clear eggs...

    I know I probably should ... but I just need some confirmation... candled @ day 10 and some are just clear/nothing... should I throw them out? This is my first time incubating.
  12. mmaddie's mom

    Old wives' tales...

    ...or old husbands' tales, too. Lately I've read several old wives' tales (about chickens, eggs, etc.) here on BYC. Do you have any? Do they work? Do you have a theory why? Who told you? My fellow Chicken Lady friend says she can tell males from females by passing her hand over one day old...
  13. mmaddie's mom

    Can I get a humidity % range?

    ... or is that impossible? This is my first time and I have read SO MUCH on this topic that I am just more confused. I have a Brinsea ECO 20 and am on day 2... temp. is between 99*F (WalMart digital) and just slightly over 100*F (mercury therm. that is attached to the 'bator)... humidity is @...
  14. mmaddie's mom

    Setting the airplane eggs...

    I put the airplane eggs in the incubator today. ( see: ) We'll see if the changes of pressure from the plane ride has any affect on their viability? I'll candle in 10 days.
  15. mmaddie's mom

    incubator temp. between 99 & 101... will that work?

    Finally got my new Brinsea ECO 20 to register (on 5 different thermometers) between 99* & 101*F... w/ the built in thermometer registering the 101*F. Will that work? Sorry, new to this. Thanks
  16. mmaddie's mom

    Chain link run & hardware cloth... 2 questions ?

    #1. Is 4 ft. hardware cloth up the side of the chain link run secure? Will a predator climb the hardware cloth to squeeze in through the chain link? #2. How did you cover your chain link door and gaps on the sides so that it is secure and still useable... is that even possible?
  17. mmaddie's mom

    Foundation for resin shed?

    The plan is to dig a couple/3 inches down... place patio blocks in the 4 corners and in the center... fill all around w/course gravel... anchor hardware cloth on top of that ... and then place the ready-made resin floor on top of all this. In heavy rain there is a small river that flows along...
  18. mmaddie's mom

    Shipping full-grown birds ? ! ?

    This opportunity just came up this morning! Has anyone had any experience with shipping adult birds across the country? I have the opportunity to get some wonderful Bantam birds from California... to Illinois... Should I even consider this? Is is reasonably safe for the birds? Who is...
  19. mmaddie's mom

    a technical, photo on BYC blog page, question...

    Not sure this is the right place to ask but would appreciate the help... Am working on my BYC blog page and have not been able to get an actual picture to post... they are uploaded but... ? ? ? ... and, please, simple words, step by step, would be helpful! thanks dmb/mm
  20. mmaddie's mom

    went to TSC today...

    ... and didn't bring home a thing. Was just checking out the storage sheds to use for a coop... so I didn't even go inside. I think it was all for the best.
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