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    Moldy fermented feed

    I need information about why my fermenting feed is moldy after 2 days. The first 2 batches I made were great, during the summer. The chickens loved the food. The next batch, I changed the scratch grain and in 36 hours I had mold. I do know the difference. So, I used unused mason jars, washed...
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    Inoculant on clover seeds

    Hello chicken experts I have just seeded my garden with crimson clover seeds. These seeds have an inoculant of clay and peat moss???. The seeds are white from the coating. Obviously the chickens will eat these seeds, so I need to know if the inoculant is toxic. I called the feed store and was...
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    Poisonous snakes and chickens.

    Are chickens instinctively aware of the dangers of snakes? My chickens were raised by me not a hen. I just read this is the time of year copperhead babies are "born". I live in northwest Georgia.
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    WInter daylight hours.

    I am a first time chicken mama. We brought ours home Easter Weekend, so I have not had them through winter yet. So in nature, the daylight hours are much shorter than the summer, so that means the chickens go longer without food and water? I realize that is how their daylight would be in nature...
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    cover the 18 x 18 inch windows on 2 sides of the coop, or not, for winter.

    We live in north Georgia. It can get very cold, (16 degrees above zero), with a few snow days, during some winters. Our coop has 2 doors, on opposing sides of the coop. The doors each have 18 x 18 inch "windows". The windows have 1/2 inch hardware cloth built in to them. My question is; should...
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    Non freezing waterers

    This will be our first winter with chickens and guineas. I would like to hear and see (if possible) how you all provide water in the winter. Currently we have a 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled in the sides. The water level is controlled by a toilet float. It works very well. The chickens just...
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    First egg

    one of our Easter Egger hens laid the first egg of the flock this morning 🌄 The chickens are 19 weeks old on Friday. I'm not sure how to figure out which hen laid th ed egg.
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    Sick chicken

    Yesterday one of my 18 week old Easter Egger hens became sick. She was following the flock, but not eating and everytime the other chickens would stop she would fall asleep. I knew right then she was sick. I took her in the house and put her in the large tote with a wire mesh top, I have for...
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    high heat and humidity in Georgia

    Here in mid western GA we are having a nasty humid heat wave. I have been trying to keep my chickens cool by placing a fan to blow in under the coop where it is coolest. It is not safe due to a local hawk, for them to just free range. They have an 8' x4' run in front of the coop. They have water...
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    Easter Egger Rooster

    I have an Easter Egger Rooster, 10 weeks old, who has what looks like a "war bonnet" of small feathers that stand up and point towards his back. He is very beautiful with a fierce looking face. I have learned that these chickens are call "mutts", so what purebred chicken would have to same...
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    First time chicken mama

    Hello fellow chickeners. On Easter weekend my husband and I drove to Alabama to buy 10 Easter Egger chicks. We bought 10 chicks, with the hope of getting at least 4 hens. They are now 2 months old and it appears we have 6 hens and 4 roosters! Not bad, considering we were hoping for 3 or 4 hens...
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