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  1. De Wet

    cats around

    Can pheasants get used to cats around them... Anybody please.
  2. De Wet

    my show stock 2014

    campiness Reza Aseels
  3. De Wet

    my guineas

    some pics of my guineas
  4. De Wet

    my stones

    My new pair of stones partridges
  5. De Wet

    My Campine s

    Here are my young silver campine cock
  6. De Wet

    king of the avairy

    the king of one of my aviaries
  7. De Wet

    orange river francolins

    my orange river francolins
  8. De Wet

    My blue eared girl first egg of the season

    My blue eared Hen busy to lay her first egg of the season and the result in my hand
  9. De Wet

    rjf s import from asia

    my young pair of rjf finaly arrive from asia
  10. De Wet

    malay game bantam

    hi there can someone please help me identify the plumage of this malay game bantam chick and is the legs the correct yellow as requiredments thanks
  11. De Wet

    reeves attack

    Attack by my reeves male
  12. De Wet

    cropper pigeon

    can someone tell me what kind of cropper pigeon is this I think modenna
  13. De Wet

    swinhoe egg

    swinhoe egg!! my first pheasant egg in our breeding season down here
  14. De Wet


    senegals at my backyard cape lemon dove
  15. De Wet

    silver show off

    nice close pic of my silver show off this years will his first time to breed
  16. De Wet

    Broken or mottled barring on the central rectrices lady amherst

    can an one please post some pics of Broken or mottled barring of the tail on the central rectrices of lady Amherst and how should good barring look like on these pheasants
  17. De Wet

    the sex of hatchlings

    Hi What is the highest percentage of sexes if a dove brood is 2 chicks normally? Is it male and female or otherwise and gave a percentage the sexes which come out the most any help will do thanks
  18. De Wet

    my new cockatiel babies

    pics of my new babies
  19. De Wet

    peacock and a blue eared

    some pics to show the size difference between a peacock and a blue eared
  20. De Wet

    crested fntails

    Hi there I see some fantails have a crest and featherless feet (not the indian fantail)is it still n pure breed .
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