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  1. geckomama

    Finally Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

    Our youngest was ill on Thursday. His fever was I spent most of the day running from the kitchen to his room. Yesterday I spent cleaning up the kitchen. My crew did manage to put the food up.......but noone did the dishes Now it is 7:30am and I am finally eating "thanksgiving...
  2. geckomama

    Gorgeous Phoenix on OK Craigslist

    I don't know if a fair price is being asked or not....just thought I would throw it out there....gorgeous roo's! Just thought I would give a heads up!
  3. geckomama

    Peanut Butter Thai/Asian Sauce?

    My kids actually decided they like this type of sauce on noodle....I have done a million searches....but would like input and recies from anyone who has a kid friendly (meaning not too spicy) sauce recipe for noodle. They seem to like it cold on nooodle. Anyone have one that is tried and...
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