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  1. urban escapee

    2 dead in a week...

    and no obvious signs of ...well...anything. Checked for mites and lices, no sign. No sign of diarhea or trauma. Both were seemingly healthy the day before, eating and browsing for bugs. My husband reports that the crop of the one that died today felt like a bowl of 3hour old oatmeal (not...
  2. urban escapee

    Bumps on a Guinea's beak (pic)

    I have 4 guinea keets in quarantine right now (new animals). I noticed this morning that 2 of them have bumps on their faces and beaks. Since this is my first time having guineas I am not sure what I am looking at or how to treat it (if at all). This one is worse than the other bird. Any input...
  3. urban escapee

    just thought I would share this video

    This is a pretty awesome system. I may have to build myself several to run my ladies through the garden :)
  4. urban escapee

    Baby Rabbits and I DO Mean Babies

    My mom's dog discovered a rabbits nest and killed one of the babies, we were called to come collect the other 4 as Mom was concerned that the dogs would get the rest of them, or their mom would abandon them after the disturbance. I am in no way set up to manage rabbits!! Thankfully we had...
  5. urban escapee

    What is this spot?--pic included

    My husband took it upon himself to get 4 roosters from a lady that was giving them away, the plan being to free range them with the goats and eventually end up on the dinner table. This guy is already crowing but is half the size of my main BCM roo. My husband wasnt sure what the lady was...
  6. urban escapee

    Such a disappointing day

    I went out to feed the goats and the free ranging turkeys and roo's this morning...and only the goats responded. Usually all the turkeys and roos come running to the feed can and wait for me to toss out something for them to nibble on. After searching we found that something got into their...
  7. urban escapee

    An Experience to Remember--Pics

    Today it is a beautiful 73 degrees, with a slight wind ruffling through the trees and just enough cloud coverage to make it perfect. I decide that TODAY is the day to start trying to free range the Turkeys along with the rooster packing peanuts. They are about 2 months old now and their...
  8. urban escapee

    Children and Chickens OH MY

    My nieces love to come over and feed the chickens, collect the eggs, and maybe catch one or two to pet. Today they brought my girls (and a few undercover roo's) a bucket of dried meal worms. My sister asked how long the bucket would reply was anywhere from 10 minutes to a month...
  9. urban escapee

    What to Feed them?

    I have some turkey peeps that will be delivered this week and I am looking for game bird starter for them, and cant seem to locate any. If I cant locate it before they arrive, will chicken starter be ok? or should I look to mix my own for them?
  10. urban escapee

    New Addition to the Family Farm

    Went out to feed the goats this morning. As usual they all ran to the gate as I filled the bucket, they always crowd around like their starving, but alas they are fat as ticks. Tripping over them to get to one of the troughs, I splash the feed in and move on to the next, splash and go. I head...
  11. urban escapee

    Bath Time

    I have 2 five week old blue splash marans in a brooder box that I keep in my bathroom. They are at just the wrong age to mix with my 3 month olds and 7 month old ladies. Yesterday they decided to explore the world around them a bit. One flew up to the top of the brooder box, just perched...
  12. urban escapee

    Who is doing what?

    I have 11 ladies of an age to be laying eggs, and have been consistently getting 6 eggs a day all week. I know that my light brown eggs are coming from my Australorps and Brahmas. But I am also getting Blue and Dark brown eggs and havent been successful at catching them in the act. Any hints...
  13. urban escapee

    Piggy Backing Chicken Style (a short story of our first dusting)

    So there we were enjoying our morning, wondering when the "giver of treats" was going to open that dang door. Some of us decided to make productive use of the time while we waited. We were all looking forward to exploring all the new space that the "giver of treats" gave us yesterday...
  14. urban escapee

    Molt or Mites??

    I have two birds (same breed and color) that look like this. Other than having this issue with their feathers, they seem to be healthy, good appetite, and energetic. I dont have any roosters in my flock at this time so I cant attribute it to rough play. I am hoping this is a molt and not...
  15. urban escapee

    Why do Chickens...? Rhetorical Question

    So no real answers needed here, just those questions about the things your Birds do that make you shake your head. Why do my ladies get so excited to see me that they crowd the door so I cant get in? Why wont they let me touch them but insist on standing on or under my feet?
  16. urban escapee

    How Are You Handling a Tight Money Christmas?

    In past years I would lavish my kids with gifts and presents for the parents and my siblings(2) and something for the DH's family. Over the years as my husbands family seemed to spread like wildfire, (and their reciprocity and graciousness failed). I switched to baking cookies for the hubands...
  17. urban escapee

    Eratic Laying Pattern

    Just a concern regarding laying patterns. I have 3 Black Australorps, 2 of which were laying. The first one was laying every other day until the second one started laying. For about 3-4 days I was getting 2 eggs, then they started spacing out, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, then...
  18. urban escapee

    Our First Egg!!

    It may be kinda silly, but I was so excited to find that egg today, totaly unexpected since they were not doing any chicken dances to indicate they were going to start laying.
  19. urban escapee

    Finally got my first birds

    The Adventure begins!! Coop was finished this week and today I made a trip to the feedstore. I spent several days this week making the rounds and checking out the available stock. Last store did the trick. I walked out with 3 Australorpes about 3-4 months old. I "chickened" out on getting...
  20. urban escapee

    Confusion Regarding Feed

    We have been steadily working on the coop and it should be finished by the weekend. I am planning a trip to the feedstore to get my first chickens and I am as confused as a person can be regarding what to feed them. And I don't necessarily want to buy everything the store has to offer till I...
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