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  1. turbodog

    Official BYC Poll: How Many Chickens Do You Have + How Many Chickens On BYC?

    6 Easter Eggers, 2 Swedish Flowers, 3 Blue laced Red Wyandottes and 3 French Black Copper marans. 5890 + 13 = 5903
  2. turbodog

    putting addition on coop

    You've clearly run into one of those fundamentals of chicken math: Expansionism.
  3. turbodog

    Mud pit to sand pit

    Given the wet climate here in south Louisiana, I much prefer sand to anything else in mine. Good choice you made.
  4. turbodog

    Hello from Boring Oregon

    Welcome to BYC from the Gulf Coast! You've found the right place!
  5. turbodog

    New member from Northern CA intro

    Welcome to BYC! Seeing as you've raised chooks for awhile, maybe you know a thing or two. Feel free to share!
  6. turbodog

    New- be chicken owner :)

    Bienvenue to BYC from Louisiana!
  7. turbodog

    Cuckoo Maran - Egg color!

    Well, all Marans were originally French, but of course we have English Marans now too. The dark egg coloring is the same regardless of wether French or English.
  8. turbodog

    Worms in manure?

    If the poop has been decomposing for a couple months it's not likely to be internal parasitic worms your seeing in it. In fresh poop maybe, but not by now. Most likely it's fly larve (maggots) from eggs laid in it before you scooped it into the bag.
  9. turbodog

    Hi from North Central Florida!

    Welcome to BYC! You have definitly found the right place to learn about chickens. Good luck in all things!
  10. turbodog

    Green eggs are bad eggs! ;P

    Colored eggs seem to be a selling point with the people who buy mine. They are so used to seeing only brown or white eggs, that the green ones are a real novelty!
  11. turbodog

    attn: marans people!

    Out of 6 FBCM chicks I ended up with two roos and four hens. Nice, robust looking chickens. The roo is a very handsome fella and proving, so far, to be a good roo to his girls. The hens coppering varies from a "hood" of copper on head and neck to just a little in the same area. As far as egg...
  12. turbodog

    Nest boxes-how high off the floor?

    The bottom of mine are probably 16 to 18 inches off the floor of the coop. That's a single row of nestboxes but even a double row would be fine starting around at that height.
  13. Greenhouse To Coop

    Greenhouse To Coop

    This is how we converted a small greenhouse into a chicken coop. We were lucky to have this structure on a place we had bought. We have wanted chickens for a long time and this gave us the opportunity to have some at last! The greenhouse is 14' long, 10' wide and 6.5' high. It has electricity...
  14. turbodog

    To hang or not to hang....

    Quote: I'm at work and can't post a pic, but my feeder (and waterer) just hang from an "S" hook at the end of a chain hooked to the top of the coop. Simple, and easy to adjust height upward as they grew. I keep them at about the height of the girls shoulders, though I may raise the waterer up...
  15. turbodog

    What are your chickens' favourite treats?

    X2 on those dried mealworms. Scrambled eggs is probably second on the list. Doesn't seem right, but there it is....
  16. turbodog

    Urban Coop

    Very nice. I love the setting.
  17. turbodog

    I finally figured out how to create a page.

    Not the best? That looks quite nice and well organized! Good job.
  18. turbodog

    when is it time

    If they've feathered out it shouldn't be a problem for them to stay out at night now. As wildriverswolf90 said, give em a heat lamp if you think the temps might get low enough that you worry a bit.
  19. turbodog

    Treats for chicks

    Don't know if I'd feed em corn yet at 5 weeks. Softer treats usually at that age. Breads fine, though white bread doesn't do much nutritionally. Empty calories, but ok once in awhile. Be sure to give em access to grit if your giving them something other than soft stuff like yogurt.
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