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  1. goldnchocolate

    How I botched my first attempt at killing a chicken~~hoping that others will learn from my mistakes

    I mentioned in another thread that I had botched my first chicken killing. Someone asked if I would describe what happened and I'm hoping that others, who haven't killed their first chicken yet, will be able to learn from my mistakes and have a better experience. A couple of years ago I...
  2. goldnchocolate

    Where the 'blinkety-blank" is that jugular vein?!!!!!!!!!

    I have just killed my third rooster and still can't find the jugular vein when I cut. Can someone please help me out by being very specific on locating the jugular vein on the chicken while it is in the killing cone? Is one side of the neck better than the other? I feel as if I am failing my...
  3. goldnchocolate

    Black, Blue and Splash Marans cockerels for sale--ENDED

    Please send me a PM or email message if you are interested, without hitting the "Buy It Now button", so that I can keep this auction running for the full 7 days. Thanks. I have several Marans cockerels that I would like to re-home as I have w-a-y too many roosters that hatched this spring...
  4. goldnchocolate

    Pictures of Faverolles and Ameraucanas hatched from Pasofino's eggs

    These chicks are almost 4 months old and are from my very first incubator hatch , ever . I ordered eggs from BYC member Pasofinofarm and these are some of the chicks that hatched. I loved the experience of hatching chicks and hope to do it again next year. This little guy is really shy and...
  5. goldnchocolate

    Does anyone know what breed these 2 hens are? Golden Cuckoo Marans!!??

    I am hoping someone will recognize what these hens are. They are between 14 and 15 wks old and were hatched from either my first or second incubator hatching. I ordered several batches of hatching eggs from BYC members and I think that these were extras that were thrown in for free because they...
  6. goldnchocolate

    BLR Wyandottes-Pullets or Cockerels??

    Last spring I won some hatching eggs on a BYC auction. Only 2 of the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes hatched and they developed combs and wattles really early so I assumed they would both be cockerels. Now I'm not so sure . They are 12 weeks old and haven't developed anymore roo-ish looking...
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