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  1. jenesis536

    The rare Korean Yeonsan Ogye

    Hello, I picked up 5 eggs from a breeder who got the parents from Fibro Farms. They were all supposed to be silver birchen yeonsan ogyes, but only 2 hatched and both look different, and I can't tell if they are male or female. They are 8 weeks old, hatched June 11. They are very similar to...
  2. jenesis536

    Another gender question - Golden-laced Polish

    Hi - I hatched this one on June 11th, so it's about 8 weeks old. I keep going back and forth on whether it's a roo or cockerel. Anyone experienced with this breed have an opinion? Thank you!
  3. jenesis536

    5 pretty girls? Boys?

    Hello, I'm new to this breed, so I am not sure what to look for as far as determining gender. I hatched 5 chicks on June 11, so they are now almost 8 weeks old. I know some breeds are easier or harder to tell at this age, but I plan only to keep a couple of these, so I was hoping some of you...
  4. jenesis536

    Help with r-com max 20 incubator - need to know asap!

    I got the Rcom max 20 and I am setting silkie eggs. I don't have the egg tray, only the universal try and dividers. If I set eggs on their side legthwise, how many can I set? It seems like when I put 4 in in row, some will roll against each other and make them sit at a weird angle and not turn...
  5. jenesis536

    2 broodies sharing 3 eggs on 1 nest, day 16, should I remove the extra broody?

    I have 3 silkies and 2 went broody next to each other. I put 9 shipped silkie eggs under them, (4 under 1, 5 under the other), and there are only 3 left (removed 6 previously that had nothing happening). It is day 16. The 3rd hen sleeps with the 2 broodies at night for warmth (37 deg last...
  6. jenesis536

    Hen sounds funny

    Hi, I tried reading through the threads and didn't see anything like this, so hopefully one of you can help me identify what is going on. I have 6 hens (just turned a year) and one of them sounds funny all of a sudden. When they talk to me, bawk, or whatever you call it, her voice is much...
  7. jenesis536

    Silverlaced Wyandottes gender

    I am not sure of the exact age of these 2, but I'm guessing about 5 months. One is a little bit lighter (more white). That one hardly has any red in the comb and barely any wattles. The other one has much more read about the head, bigger red wattles and has more black. I am pretty sure the...
  8. jenesis536

    Question about my silkies hatching eggs - is it too late to start?

    I have 4 silkies who seem to always be broody. One starts and within a week or 2 all of the others start up, too. The first one stops being broody and slowly but surely the rest finish their cycle and I get a week or two of no broodies and then it starts all over again. I've never put eggs...
  9. jenesis536

    Frizzled Silkie

    Here is a photo of the frizzled silkie I got yesterday. Or is it a sizzle? It has silkie feathers. The only hard feathers are the wing feathers. The curly feathers are feathers but very pliable and soft. I'm not sure of the coloring... she's a dark grey color so I'm not sure what that is...
  10. jenesis536

    Is my Po Po a girl or a boy?

    I picked up this beautiful little Polish today. Compared to the others, her poof was more rounded and not pokey. She was a little dirty so I gave her a bath, and she is so docile and sweet. I don't know her age, but she's not that big. She's fully feathered but still young, so maybe a few...
  11. jenesis536

    Lice! Please help - what to use?

    I just brought 6 chickens home and when I was checking one of them over I saw a little beige looking bug scurrying away on its skin. I'm assuming it's lice. I have DE and they are all in an enclosed area with a bunch of DE in the shavings, but I want to get rid of the buggers. I read online...
  12. jenesis536

    White crested blue polish

    At least I think it's a white crested blue polish... this is my first one and based on the coloring and what I could find online, that's what I'm thinking it is (correct me if I am wrong). I don't know the age, but the seller believed it to be about 8 weeks. It's still pretty small. Any...
  13. jenesis536

    Introducing mixed chicks to a flock of silkies???

    I have 4 silkies that are 10 months old. I just picked up a mix of chicks/pullets (they are all about 8 weeks old except the frizzle). They newbies are hanging out in their own area for now, but when I put them together with the silkies do you think I'll have a problem? When I had standard...
  14. jenesis536

    Cochin 10 weeks - gender?

    I'm hoping I have a girl because this bird is such a beauty and the foot feathering is amazing... but, I have a GL cochin that is a month older and her waddles and comb are nowhere near as red. The comb and waddles on this one got red pretty quickly... it has a peepy voice... it's in a pen...
  15. jenesis536

    White bearded silkies - 12 weeks

    I have 2 white bearded silkies that are 12 weeks old. I really have no idea, but I'm guessing the 1st one is a girl and 2nd a boy based on shape of the crest... the first one is the one that gets picked on and is a little lovey, the 2nd is also sweet but a little more outgoing... no roo...
  16. jenesis536

    Partridge Silkies 12 weeks - genders?

    I have 2 partridge silkies - any guesses on genders? Sorry, at this point I can't tell them apart so these photos are a mix of both of them.
  17. jenesis536

    Still pullets? BO and GLC - 12 and 10 weeks

    Now that I've rehomed all of their sisters and kept these two "pullets", I just wanted to verify they are still pullets. I have had them out in their pen next to my older girls and still haven't opened it up for them to interact yet. I just added four 8 week silkies and another cochin to their...
  18. jenesis536

    Got a soft one today...

    My girls have been laying a few weeks now... all perfect and in the nest boxes. Today I went out and my BA was all fluffed up and walking funny, and all of a sudden she laid an egg right in front of me. It was smaller than the others, and felt like a water balloon. Should I be concerned?
  19. jenesis536

    Got a big one today!

    Our 5 girls are laying 5 eggs a day now... today we got a big one!
  20. jenesis536

    Olive-colored egg?

    My girls just started laying a couple weekends ago... for the first week I got an egg a day... then I started getting 2 and for the past few days I was getting 3. Yesterday, we got a 4th egg and it is olive-colored. We have a BA, lt brahma, delaware and EE. The other eggs have been sort a...
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