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  1. LilMissPetie

    2012 Small Animal Swaps in Michigan

    Just wanted to post this for anyone in Michigan, I know I looked for a long time and couldn't find any info on it, and finally the day before the swap I was able to find out about it. Located at United Producers Inc. 7810 Croswell Rd. St. Louis, MI Upcoming...
  2. LilMissPetie

    Mother hen pecking the eyes of her chick

    Why would she do that to the baby chick. I ended up taken all the chicks away from her. Not really sure if that was a good idea or not. She is a first time mom. Any ideas of why she might have done this?
  3. LilMissPetie

    Comb Contest - Rose! - **Winner Announced!!**

    This is Brutus. I believe he is somewhere around 6 months old. Found him running lose after a small animal swap meet. Unsure of his breed, so if anyone has an idea of what he is please let me know.
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  5. LilMissPetie

    OOPS! I put my chicks before my coop?

    I put mine out with the heat lamp at 3 weeks and they have been fine. They have been with out the light now for a few days.
  6. LilMissPetie

    What should the humity be?

    I have the same incubator, I never added water and left out both plugs up until day 18. My humidity was usually in the 30 % range up until lockdown. Then you should increase it to 55% and then at first pip increase it to 65% or more. Good Luck I did use the dry method, and won't ever try...
  7. LilMissPetie

    19 out of 20 hatched while I was gone for the weekend

    Quote: I actually forgot to put in one of my hatches, I did have another hatch 8/8. You will be surprised when I tell you what kind of incubator I have I have a still air LG. Which the temps did fluctuate on especially if the room temp did. I was very surprised with the rates that I had...
  8. LilMissPetie

    19 out of 20 hatched while I was gone for the weekend

    I left Saturday morning, increased humidity just in case, actual hatch day should have been today. But with the last 2 hatches they have came early each time. I got a little concerned that the humidity went all the way up to 80% before we even left, I thought for sure that I would have messed...
  9. LilMissPetie

    Not drinking water???!!!

    Good to hear that they are drinking. And
  10. LilMissPetie

    First attempt at incubating eggs!

    Quote: What section of Walmart are they in? I went looking for one, and I all I came up with was a digital thermometer with the humidity reading on it. Finally just went to a pet store and got one.
  11. LilMissPetie

    **Need a New Incubator, LG is being replaced LOL**

    Quote: That is what I am starting to think. After this hatch I am on, I have been think about okay how can I go about making my own. I am currently using the LG and the temp thing is driving me crazy. This will be my 4th hatch with it, the first time 7/8, second time 4/4, third 8/8 and I...
  12. LilMissPetie

    Rocking eggs - Does it mean an early hatch?

    I have hatched bantam's and they have hatched early ever time. Listen for peeping too. I've had to lockdown after I noticed pips once and they all made it just fine. Good luck
  13. LilMissPetie

    Not drinking water???!!!

    Did you try to dip their beaks into the water?
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