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  1. newbie32

    How To Raise A Rooster

    No I was referring to a human thief! Cops said no proof! I do have them so they can see each other. The rooster, I am calling him Stanley, was eying them last night but showed no aggression. He just looked curious
  2. newbie32

    How To Raise A Rooster

    My entire flock was knocked out by a stupid homeless thief!!! So my neighbor throws a beautiful rooster over my fence for me to start over. He is big!!! I excitedly decided he needs hens so I went out immediately and purchased 5 seven week olds. I have them in a brooder in the coop and run. How...
  3. newbie32

    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    Stacie8412- That IS a rooster! And I would gladly take him off your hands if you want. My rooster died this morning and I need a grown replacement.
  4. newbie32

    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    My beautiful rooster-died!!! I think a snake got him :( anyone know where I can get a mature rooster? Anyone want to ship me a rooster? I would pay for shipping. I do not want to raise a new chicken, I was excited to see broody hens with chicks coming soon after the summer heat :(
  5. newbie32


    My rooster died!!!! I am not sure but I am thinking snake was the cause. Unfortunately, my chicken lady has decided to stop hatching. I am in need of a rooster. Buff Orpington or RIR or something of similar color with high production rates in the genes. I was looking forward to babies after the...
  6. newbie32

    You Have What I Want, I Have What You Want. Lets Swap!!

    I have: White silkie PAIR-both were born in early aug 2013. So I guess they are 6 or 7 months. Polish PAIR-male is silver laced, female is black with white head feathers. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! Female is my favorite hen. She is super friendly. Unfortunately I am down grading my flock. They were...
  7. newbie32

    How To Raise A Rooster

    After almost a year I have ended up with 3 roosters. One of them was by choice. I do NOT have any problems with them. As most of you have read, I have had a few issues but they were resolved easily enough. I do NOT pick up my roosters unless I have to. I do NOT pet them-usually hehe. They are...
  8. newbie32

    Neighbor hates my chickens- will she do them harm?

    I am so glad you stood up to her. Yes cancer sucks, but that doesn't mean she gets her way because of it. She is the kind of neighbor in sitcoms. Maybe you should write to a network and have your own reality t.v series. Then all the world can witness her antics and she will be forced to watch...
  9. newbie32

    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    My flock will run to greet me and then follow me. Sometimes some will get accidently stepped on because even though I am being careful, they still manage to get in front of me and under my feet. Usually they will hang out with me for a little while and then go back to their chicken lives. My...
  10. newbie32


    Jim could you send that info to me via private message? That sounds like something I have been looking for-ie drought tolerant, grows anywhere, continuously produces!
  11. newbie32

    Seed Swap!

    HMMM tobacco seeds sound interesting. Do you grow them in close proximity to other plants?
  12. newbie32

    How To Raise A Rooster

    CUTE!!!!! looks like a comet or RIR mix with EE? It doesn't really matter as long as they give eggs!!!!--frequently!
  13. newbie32

    Growing fodder for chickens

    It is going to take me a long time to read this whole thread but I am glad I found it!!! Living in the desert does not provide the ideal free ranging experience for my chickens. This will make my chickens super happy! I am hoping it will also cut down on feed costs because my chickens are...
  14. newbie32

    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    They look like hens to me. But what do I know-mine are only a few weeks older and none are laying. Ask dragonlady-she will know!
  15. newbie32

    Anyone living off the land?

    I forgot to water the cactus and it died so I over watered the aloe!!!! feed them? like as in fertilizer?
  16. newbie32

    What are your rooster's names?

    Star-silver laced polish, Waffle-buff orpington, and Fluffy Butt-white silkie
  17. newbie32

    Neighbor hates my chickens- will she do them harm?

    I think the fence on the property line is a good thing-as long as it is on their side. I would make sure that it is!!!!! Pay for your own surveyor to oversee it. The fence will keep her off your property!!! If she is on your side call the law for trespass!!!!
  18. newbie32

    Anyone living off the land?

    Your black thumb cant be any worse than mine-I have killed a cactus and an aloe plant!!! I never did my own compost-one day, one day!
  19. newbie32

    Neighbor Complaining

    My advice take it or leave it: I think that he is using his position as your employer to his advantage. He is testing the boundaries of the relationship. You should NOT allow him to do this. Changing the color to please him is not a bad thing. But since you agreed to do it he is now thinking he...
  20. newbie32

    How To Sex A Chicken - Wisdom From An Old Timer

    Ok first off-that is NOT a buff Orpington. How do I know? Because my main breed is buff Orpingtons and that is not one. the leg coloring is yellow for one. Orpingtons don't have yellow legs. Also the coloring is off-too much red. Secondly, that does appear to be a male. The comb is large and...
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