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  1. Jencleg

    Does a hen know if her egg is fertilized?

    I have a cochin that is sitting on one egg. I have a few questions.... 1. Does she know if the egg is fertile? 2. Will she continue to lay eggs? Thank you.
  2. Jencleg

    Laying 2 eggs at a time?!?

    I went out about 2 hours ago to check on the crew, and noticed that my husband had not filled their water up like I asked him to, as they were out yesterday. I looked for an egg in the nesting box & it was empty. I chalked it up to being out of water for a day & 1/2. (I will handle him later )...
  3. Jencleg

    Puffed up, falling over, wing hanging...What is it?

    I went out on Sat am and found our 4-5 month old Ameraucana hen puffed up the size of a basketball , and laying on her side. She would fall over when she walked and her comb was almost non-existent. I separated her and gave her plenty of food & water that she ate & drank. Fast forward till...
  4. Jencleg

    Anybody else guilty?

    My BR laid her first egg last weekend, out of our 5 pullets she's the first and I could not be any happier! but I feel so guilty when I take her eggs away from her. She looks so sad Am I the only one?
  5. Jencleg

    YIKES!! Please pray!!

    My husband and I both were laid off in Oct and I have my 1st job interview tomorrow!!!! I was at my last job for 11 years, so needless to say, I am a nervous wreck!!! Please pray I dont make an idiot out of myself and that God will show us favor & let me get this IF it is best!! We really need...
  6. Jencleg

    Parenting Help?

    I am in need of advice. How do you teach a child kindness? I have a 4 your old son, who we adore. He is our second child and he is very loving, smart, active, and imaginative. He is very charming and a sight to see! He tells me that I am beautiful and that we wants to marry me & his sister He...
  7. Jencleg

    Will I ever get an egg??

    I have a 9 1/2 month old silkie pullet, a 7 month old bantam cochin pullet, and a 6 month old barred rock pullet....I am told by my husband that the reason is because I am trying to use all the medicated chick feed that we bought before I go buy the layer pellets. I totally understand that (now...
  8. Jencleg

    Why is my roo not crowing anymore??

    I just realized that my Marly has not crowed in a few days...we had a hawk scare last week, is this why??
  9. Jencleg

    Laying pellets?

    STUPID QUESTION ALERT!!! Do my hens need to be eating laying pellets in order to start laying eggs? I have 3 hens: (1) 7 month old silkie, (1) 4 month old cochin & (1) 4 month old Barred Rock....Nobody is laying, but I didnt realize till my husband pointed it out that I am still feeding...
  10. Jencleg

    Hawk attack...what to look for?

    One of my 2 1/2 month old BO pullets was attacked today, a hawk managed to get onto the dog kennel that they were playing in. We heard the babies, and my roo in the adjoining run going crazy & when I got out there, I saw a huge hawk trying to fly out of the kennel. 1 chick was in the corner...
  11. Jencleg

    Got me some new babies!!

    So for my 12th wedding anniversary my awesome husband let my but my dream chicks (2) little Buff Orp hens.I am bit nervous getting then so late in the year, and terrified about introducing the others later but hopefully I wont screw it up too badly but so far I am sooo in love!! Meet Mabel...
  12. Jencleg

    Is there any thing SQ About my Marly? Pics*

    So we dont know the first thing about showing or even where we would go...I am just curious about our little guy. Barred Bantam Cochin. We love him either way!
  13. Jencleg

    After 11 years...

    My last day here at my job will Sept 30th. The company I work for is shutting the doors. My husband has also worked here for the past 6 years. The saddest part is why we are closing...The owner went to the bank to try & re-negotiate his loan for our building. It was $15,000 a month & all he...
  14. Jencleg

    Is my lil roo mean or is it normal?

    This morning when I was letting the 4 kids out, I noticed a whole bunch of Polly my BR, feathers all over the run, and then I watched my lil roo Marly proceed to attack my big ol Polly My other two girls just went about thier business and he just would NOT ease up on her. Finally he chased her...
  15. Jencleg

    Why?? Why did I go up 1 more channel??

    Why didnt I stop at channel 59?? I have so much to do!!!! Darn you Shawshank Redemption!!!! Now I have to sit here & watch the whole thing!!
  16. Jencleg

    Opinions needed on my basement!

    We are finishing in a room in our basement. We scored some white bead board paneling for dirt cheap and we are going to put down carpet. Originally we were going to do a Bulldogs (husband's a GA fan) theme and have the ceiling, (exposed flooor beams, duct work & ect) painted black, the white...
  17. Jencleg

    Should my silkie be laying yet?

    I have a silkie that is about 5 months old. Should she be laying yet? What will I look for (besides an egg ) when she gets close to laying?
  18. Jencleg

    Does anybody else do this on here?

    Stroll thru the topics & look for the locked/closed topics to see what got everybody fired up?
  19. Jencleg

    The dumbest thing I had done so far today...

    Ate 3 Ice a row...while here at work.....alone...I am in charge of ~ ANSWERING THE PHONES!!
  20. Jencleg

    My coolest find ever!!

    I happened on this at an antique store yesterday. I love it!!
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