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  1. CherishHolland

    One hen picking, eating feathers from another - how do you see this ending?

    I had a GLW do that to an EE so like you I added BOSS to their diet and other protein treats. I also provided them with activities like a flock block, cabbage tether ball and put in an old tree stump,after doing all this the feather picking quit. Best of luck
  2. CherishHolland

    Injured hen - back of skull raw and bloody

    You can use blu kote on the injury that way the others won't see pink and be tempted to peck at it more
  3. CherishHolland

    HELP ASAP!!!!

    I have a 7 month old NN pullet who was inside due getting dusted for mites/lice,I dusted her sat her down washed my hands then turned around to give my 8 year old daughter her antibiotic which is 250 mg of Amoxicillin needless to say I dropped the pill and the NN grabbed it and ate it before I...
  4. CherishHolland

    Is this normal? Question about a broody

    exactly mine will pace peck and make a ruckus if there is someone who is taking their time laying like I said they have 10 boxes all identical but they prefer the one.
  5. CherishHolland

    Is this normal? Question about a broody

    Oh that is how Miss Cleo was she poked holes in 3 eggs trying to get them under her because she was stealing them,one reason why we brought her inside also the other gals were beating her up and plucking her head because she was in their favorite nesting box even though they have 10.
  6. CherishHolland

    Is this normal? Question about a broody

    Thank You! I did switch her over to chick starter after we found out she was broody, and she has been good about not pooing in the nest but she did take all the bedding out of the nest but I am trusting her even though she is young.
  7. CherishHolland

    Is this normal? Question about a broody

    I have a 9 month old Australorp who went broody a week ago,it snowed and I didn't get out in time to collect the eggs;so she took the opportunity to set on them. Well we were not planning on any more chicks until Feb. but since she was already on them I let her stay on them. We moved her to a...
  8. CherishHolland

    New chick

    It looks like a cross
  9. CherishHolland

    Baby buff orpy looks droopy, won't eat :(

    Keep working with her, I have had to cull a chick because it wasn't thriving didn't want to eat or drink just basically gave up. Keep offering fresh water and sugar water scrambled egg and I would make her feed a mash just mix some warm water in and let it soak.
  10. CherishHolland

    Baby buff orpy looks droopy, won't eat :(

    What does the chick's poop look like? Is it normal runny green orange? I noticed you put it on cocci treatment that is the reason I ask. Is the chick panting or labored when breathing? Is the chick the same size as the others or is s/he smaller? I am trying to figure out in order to lead you to...
  11. CherishHolland

    Silkie Question

    I own 3 silkies myself and they all prefer 'the silkie pile" but every now and then I do catch them on the lower roost , and as far as trimming around her eyes that should be fine. I am guilty of putting up my polish gal's crest in a pony tail holder just so they are able to see what is in front...
  12. CherishHolland

    A bit heavy hearted today..

    SO glad she decided to return back home.
  13. CherishHolland

    Do Mites Survive the Winter?

    If they have a warm body to snack on then no the cold will not kill them off.
  14. CherishHolland

    A bit heavy hearted today..

    Hoping she turns up,who knows she may have a hidden nest somewhere and the next time you see her she might be toting back a clutch of chicks. :)
  15. CherishHolland

    Is she too old to lay eggs?

    I have read a thread on another chicken site where a lady had a 14 yr old hen that still laid an egg 2-3 times a week . I am not sure why she isn't laying anymore could be a number of things,stress,diet change,lighting,egg-bound,internally laying,this list could go on and on. I wish I could...
  16. CherishHolland

    easter egger parrot

    Same here chickens came into our lives shortly after my mother passed away from b.c.They are amazing little creatures truly therapeutic and quite comical.
  17. CherishHolland

    easter egger parrot

    I have a RIR that just loves to ride on my shoulder as well. I walk in and she flies up for her daily ride.
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