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  1. Uwish


    My girl Was attacked by something this morning her eyes in bad shape and she had an egg stuck I got her in the warm bath in the barn and the egg released all vets in my area are closed today and tomorrow. What can I do to help her I have antibiotics amoxicillin pill form that I can sprinkle on...
  2. Uwish

    New puppy ❤️

    This is my new boy Kane ❤️ I have been looking to get a new pup for about six months I was very specific about what I wanted I was sticking to my guns finally found a pup just to get a picture of this guy the day before I’m supposed to go pick up my puppy. Decided to go check him out although he...
  3. Uwish

    Advice please!! Laying eggs

    So my beautiful Cayuga just started laying her first eggs 3 over a four day period that I know of. BUT she is laying them wherever on the property I have found the 3 in all different spots. She isn’t sitting on them or anything. So does she know when their fertile? (Yes I have a drake) will She...
  4. Uwish

    First egg

    Ohhh I’m so beyond excited my Cayuga duck Echo laid her first egg❤️🦆 I have waited and I will say I was a bit disappointed it isn’t black but very excited to get an egg and I know many in the future will come and I will get a black one. She is such a sweet girl and I think she is...
  5. Uwish

    Aggressive Rouen Drake!

    So as I have mentioned I have a Rouen Drake he is so damn aggressive he attacks me every chance he gets. (I call him my attack duck) Rouens are not known to be this aggressive from what I have read. He is such a (male) he has 3 yes 3 curly tail feathers. I raised hun from only a few days old so...
  6. Uwish

    My life.. lol

    Animals that are injured or lost etc whatever tend to find me no matter where I’m And I actually love that about my life. Well this week I got to rescue a baby Raven that had fallen out of the tree understand I absolutely adore ravens and I have a family that lives in my trees and every...
  7. Uwish


    Just a reminder it’s that time of year (for most of the USA) reminder to check you and your dogs etc Before heading in after a walk hike etc. try to avoid tall grasses.
  8. Uwish

    My sweet Girl Echo

    This is my Cayuga I got to be friends with my Rouen drake (I got her from a straight run and I’m guessing she is a girl by her quack) she is such a sweet and smart soul. Learning her name and a few lil tricks. While we wait for her to get big enough to be with Mocha alone (right now he is an ass...
  9. Uwish

    My little rescue man

    My lil man is Going up so fast here a few pictures from the beginning till now the green is really starting to come out in his head and his chest is starting to gray and the white ring is starting to show. Oh how I love my little guard duck😂
  10. Uwish

    Rouen male?????

    I thought my Rouen was a girl until recently I am now thinking male from what all I have read. His head is getting a strong green sheen to it and many feathers around face are going green also the bill is green he is about 3 1/2 months. And I haven’t been around enough ducks to tell by the quack...
  11. Uwish

    Love my ducks

    So I’m realizing now my Rouen duck (Mocha) is probably a male has he is starting to get green on his head etc. I got him a friend a Cayuga duckling (still to young to be with mocha as mocha will try to hurt the baby) . Mocha is about three months and the Cayuga (named Echo) is about three...
  12. Uwish

    The cuteness I can’t take !

    I seriously cannot handle the cuteness of my new baby. Seriously the tiniest duckling I have ever seen. These pics were taken today I got baby Echo 4 days ago and she/he has grown so u can imagine how tiny Echo was 4 days ago!!!! I’m so in love with this baby it’s scary
  13. Uwish

    New baby💕

    As I had posted I had rescued a duckling A few months ago but as we all know it’s not good to have just one duck so I picked up a new baby today and I have to say this is probably the tiniest duckling I’ve ever seen an absolutely beautiful and I’m in love it is a Cayuga duckling I have no idea...
  14. Uwish

    Finally getting my goose

    I have wanted a sebastopol goose for several years but it just never seemed right for some reason. Well I’m incredibly excited to announce one of my dear friends has a few of them and her female just laid 12 or 13 eggs and in approx 3 more weeks I will be getting my sebastopol. I’m really hoping...
  15. Uwish

    My baby is growing fast❤️

    My lil Rouen duckling now named (mocha) is growing fast and beautiful I believe she is a she at this point. Lol im just a proud momma showing off my baby (soon will be getting her a friend)
  16. Uwish

    My New Baby

    My new lil one, so I went to the feed Store in hopes to get a baby goose they had none of course I look at all the babies well, and this little tiny thing was so so tiny !! half the size of the brothers and sisters and fearless😂 and was putting all the other ones in their place. Next thing I...
  17. Uwish

    Just sharing ..

    I love all the pics everyone posts so I thought I would post a few. Not as exciting as some of the more exotic looking peafowl as mine are the (typical) you normally see but still want to share
  18. Uwish


    Hello, the mother rejected this baby but accepted her other one. Weird! anyway I have been raising her/him since the day (Peabody) was hatched. Born July 25,2020 Do you think this is a male or female I can get any kind of picture you need as Peabody is very very tame Being hand raised and by my...
  19. Uwish

    Hello everyone

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for letting me join your amazing group. I was raised on a sm farm growing up so we had everything just about (all were pets) now that I’m older and basically retired and don’t tour anymore I want that awesome life back of being surrounded by animals it’s my happy...
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