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    Official BYC Poll: Which Challenges Did You Face in Getting Backyard Chickens?

    I'm sorry you have to deal with a nasty neighbor. Maybe they'll move soon. I was lucky with my next door neighbor. The town ordinance dictates that the coop and run have to be 10 feet from the property line. When the animal control officer came to inspect my coop before I was granted a...
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    Official BYC Poll: What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About Keeping Chickens?

    Besides cleaning out poopy bedding in the coop and suffering the loss of a hen, I hate having to sift the sand in the run on a 90+ degree day in the summer. I sift it every 4 to 5 weeks to get debris and uneaten food. Takes me about an hour and a half on a nice weather day but in the high heat...
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    Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

    I have several ways to name my chickens. I've named some after a relative (Lillian, Steeve, and Marilyn) a favorite friend (Thela), favorite food (Cookie, Sassafrass aka Sassy) the breed (Lacie for a silver laced Wyandotte), plus a nod to the Lord (Faith and Grace).
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    Review by 'jsbugg' in article 'How To Fix A Muddy Run Chicken Coop'

    Good suggestions for relieving a muddy run. Luckily I do not have too severe a problem with mud. I have a small 4' x 8' coop and run and I have a 10' x 10' pop up tent with windowed sidewalls that I install in the winter. During the summer the tent keeps the rain off of most of the extra...
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    Ended 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along—Cutest Baby Fowl Photo Contest—Win a Brinsea Incubator!

    Here's my little Buddy, age 6 hours, taken 1/11/20. Cross between Banty Cochin hen and Standard Silkie Rooster
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    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    I have not deliberately set up a breeding project, my house rooster, a splash Silkie, and my house hen, a Sicillian Buttercup, decided that on their own. Marilyn went broody and is sitting on two eggs, one she stole from my other house hen, a black banty Cochin. So far the eggs appear to be...
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