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  1. Just a Whittle

    Boys or Girls

    Are the black birds in the first three picture pullets? They are 5-6 week old easter eggers. I posted one pic at the end of wha the ones I think are roos look like. I am just wondering about two of the ones I thought were pullets as their comb has started getting pink. Front image of the...
  2. Just a Whittle

    At what age do you butcher dual purpose?

    Hi Just wondering at what age is it good to butcher dual purpose birds? My birds aren't there yet but I am definitely starting to tell the roos from the pullets and unfortunately it seems I have probably at least 7 of my original 12 as roos.... we are keeping the pullets for eggs but...
  3. Just a Whittle

    What colour silkies are these?

    What colour would these silkies be considered?
  4. Just a Whittle

    Collecting eggs from Free Range hens

    Hi So I have the opportunity to get some laying Gold Laced and Silver Laced Wyandottes. They are currently completely free range... anyhow my question is how do you collect eggs from chickens that are free range. From the suggestions on here I should not have them in with my younger...
  5. Just a Whittle

    When can new chicks go in with full grown Chickens?

    Hi I am new to raising chickens but I was wondering how old chicks need to be to be integrated with chickens... also can chicks of varying ages be kept together (ie 2 week old chicks in with 5 week old chicks) Any insight would be great! Laura
  6. Just a Whittle

    I do pottery

    My hobby is pottery.... although researching chickens has had more time recently!
  7. Just a Whittle

    Question about eating different breeds of birds

    Hi! We are currently setting up our first coop and I have a (maybe stupid) question. If we are buying DO chicks of various laying varieties (aracauna, ameracauna, easter eggers) we are going to get about 20-30 chicks to start with but are hoping to have 10-15 laying hens... so my question is...
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