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    Automatic PVC-Tube Chicken feeder - tube angle

    Hello, I am at the moment planing my first chicken coop. I am planning on using an old insulated reefer trailer (approx 7m x 2,4m ~22' x 7'). I am also planning on putting in a wall so I have a storage area. I plan to make the pvc-tube feeder refillable from the storage compartment so I do...
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    automated reefer coop questions

    Hello, Two things first: I had another thread here, however I feel that the new questions are very different and warrant a new thread. If you see that differently I want to apologize in advance. Second, english is not my native language, so if I make something not clear enough (or use wrong...
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    movable insulated coop - help with selection

    Hello, I would like some chicken, mainly for the eggs. I am looking for coop descriptions/plans to adapt and build. The following requirements: 1) For about 5-15 chicken 2) I am located in Europe, lowest expected temperature is about -15°C ( approx 5°F) 3) Should be insulated, mainly for...
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