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  1. rmack2

    need help plz

    they look a lot like my white leghorns. Good layers, watch for signs of frostbite in cold climates
  2. rmack2

    egg eating

    Dont think eating her own egg would harm her, unless there is something wrong with her eggs. I'd be more concearned with whats causing the purple comb, is she warm enough? Try looking up things that would make the comb change color/ turn purple.
  3. rmack2

    hematoma on leg, below the hock

    I was able to ge the vetricyn on line through a company I've used for years for most pet suppies (Drs. Foster and Smith) great resorce and they can do pharmaceuticals if your vet will fax a perscription. My vet doesn't do chickens. Anyway, Two-toes did improve slowly over time to where I would...
  4. rmack2

    mouse as a snack

    a couple of months ago my cat "gave" my hens a mouse, they shredded it before I could get there, no evidence left behind. It doesn't seem to have caused any problems, but be aware mice often carry worms, so something to watch for in general.
  5. rmack2

    hematoma on leg, below the hock

    where can I get this? I have local pet shops like petco and petsmart but nearest farm place beyond basic feed of is quite a drive. does it have instructions on dosages?
  6. rmack2

    hematoma on leg, below the hock

    At the next dressing change she pecked at it again, drew more blood again... She seems to better with it covered for the moment. The last dressing change, and warm cloth cleaning, I noted that a couple of areas sloughed off, like a scab falling off, and there was some clear ooze. Under that...
  7. rmack2

    Hurricane Sandy - How are my fellow East Coast Chicken Friends?

    love the chicken Ft. we did pretty well, some street flooding, but thats normal here. Im uphill, neighbors had some flooding, otherwise a few limbs down in the area, and a couple peices of my fencing. Now it is getting cold, watching weather for snow. My hens did just fine locked in their shed.
  8. rmack2

    stray dog creeping up onmy shoot or not shoot thats the question?

    check your local dog regulations, and report it to the dog/animal officer in your area. They might be able to trap the dog but can certainly tell you what the regulations are on shooting it if you have to. They should also know if its been reported missing, or maybe who might own it,
  9. rmack2

    Chicken In Shock!!!

    how is she now? Hope she is OK. Keep an eye on her, if she has internal injuries you might have to isolate her to stop the other hens from hurting her, and hopefully she will heal with some rest and tlc.
  10. rmack2

    Oh no... Please say this isn't Coryza.

    what I can find says symptoms include serious nasal discharge, as well as eye swelling. It also says treatment should start right away with antibiotics. There are a couple of other things it could be but you need a vet to run some tests to find out for sure. If only one showing symptoms...
  11. rmack2

    Question re vaccinating older chickens for Marek's

    most chicks are vaccinated right after they hatch. not sure why your vaccinating adult birds. I have a book that says sub-q for day olds, imagine it would be the same for adults
  12. rmack2


    Extra feed/water dispesers might help, spreading it out might reduce the compition at any one area. You might need to isolate her from the rest for a while. Maybe a divider so that she can still see the rest of the flock but they can't peck her anymore.
  13. rmack2

    Hurricane prep question...

    Do you have a large dog crate that you could bring them into a garage, basement, or other room inside your home? I'd be afraid of letting them roam into the woods as they might become some preditors lunch. If you don't have a crate what about bringing them into a bathroom and closing them in...
  14. rmack2

    Lost my baby

    Chickens will canabalize each other. I dont know if the 8 month old will terrorize the other three, but from my own experience, any hen that shows a weakness, or is injured or bleeding is subject to being pecked by the other hens, and injured further. I have had to isolate injured hens a...
  15. rmack2

    hurricane Sandy

    Not sure where in Canada you are. The closer to the coast, the greater liklyhood of high winds, power outage and flooding. I expect all three of these myself. Good ideas on easiest way to get your hens inside from scratch-n-peck. I have a set up ready to go if needed, its a large dog crate...
  16. rmack2

    Chicken problem!!

    what kind of nest box/ bedding do they have? how big an area in nest and in total?
  17. rmack2

    HELP! Chicken with dislocated(???) or something else leg

    someone sent me a link to I tried to copy it here but ended up with a lot more dot and commas than I thought it should have. The site had a lot of good info on orthopedics in chickens. Good luck.
  18. rmack2

    hematoma on leg, below the hock

    Thank you for responding, and the "bump". My hens are about 18months old now, 5 White leghorns and 1 black sex-link. The links you sent gave me a couple of ideas for PT, but I plan to wait a few days until she is using it more. This hens name is Two-toes, because she is missing half a toe on...
  19. rmack2

    Sideways Gait

    Thank You
  20. rmack2

    Sideways Gait

    What is ACV?
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