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    Egg with no shell, no membrane

    One of mine just did that also. Yellow mess in the nest box. They were out roaming yesterday but eat Layer pellets (purina) and I also give them access to crushed eggshells. they are young and only laying less than a month. This may be a new layer or just ate too much “junk” grazing...
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    When did your earliest hen lay?

    My girl, Maranga, started at about 22 weeks about ONE week after the temperature went below 100F. she gives me an egg a day and struts her stuff as if she knows. Forget what breed she is. red & some white. Waiting for the rest of the flock to get the hint that hot summer is over!
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    Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

    So initially, you have day old chicks and by the time they are a week or two you see their personalities start to develop. also, you might know what breed they are (or suppsed to be) like Whiting Blue turns into Blue and Blau (his girlfriend) who later became Mr Blue and Blau (2 Roosters) then...
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    Love my GIRLS (no BOYS allowed zone)

    Craigslist, and Next door. A werk after. Posted my guys, 50 other people put their roosters on there. SO MUCH FOR THAT IDEA! I went to my feed store and asked if they could take Mr Blue and sell him and take a commission (not this second). I asked if I went to the car and came back it would be...
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    Love my GIRLS (no BOYS allowed zone)

    They didn’t ship the cemanis. I will have to get them later somewhere local.
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    Online all game bird and poultry show ** No prize** the cutest cupcake🐣🐣🐣Wins!

    Mr Blue and Speckles “Positioning” at 4 months. Speckles doesn’t even crow yet! 🤣
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    3 day old chick not eating

    Please go to the feed store and get some electrolyte mix. Also buy the baby chick fine crumbles. Medicated if you had n injections before shipping, UNmedicated if the hatchery did injections (it will be on your bill of loading). Keep this baby separate at nite AND most of the days until it is...
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    Official BYC Poll: How Often Do You Clean Your Coop?

    I clean (deep) once a month or sooner if I smell or see. Everything out, new stuff in. Plastic liners in the coop house roll up with bedding in it like a burrito. Into the cart out to where I want to dump it. Clean plastic goes in, new bedding. Dirty plastic lining goes under the hose...
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    Some nest advice that I got here

    Plastic shelf lining!
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    Love my GIRLS (no BOYS allowed zone)

    Thanks! Let them out for free range and found out that Speckles and Blau (2 roosters) had split the flock between them. Blau decided his girls were not going outside today (but he could) Speckles was preoccupied with “posing” for Mr Blue who was in the dog crate so there would not be chaos...
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    Love my GIRLS (no BOYS allowed zone)

    I ordered 15 day old chicks. This was the minimum order. I ordered ALL girls except for one all black (skin, beak, legs, feathers!) rooster. 2 of the girls were also the same breed. SIGH- I think I got somebody’s order NOT mine. They sent me MORE chicks, several weeks later. I ised this...
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    Phoenix AZ new

    Well I would sell them. The black and white ones (the more athletic ones are blues - a mix of leghorn and something else) the other one was a mystery chicken. Looks to be a meet bird. I probably have some more Roos in the flock and was thinking about processing them. But can’t get through...
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    Phoenix AZ new

    Hi New member! I have a small flock (under 20 that I bought at McMurrays day old. I had chickens in the past. Ithwy are almost therapeutic to me. Happy chickens give happy eggs. Mine are all colored layers of different breeds. I have 3 Roos to sell/trade.4mos old. Would trade 2 for a young...
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    How do i sell roosters on craigslist.

    What is BYC? I also have soon young Roos
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