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    Hen or cockerel

    Hi, can anyone tell me what sex my chickens are? They are 11 week old and they are 1 white star, 1 brahama and 1 plymouth rock.
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    Respiratory infections

    Can someone please help? I am now dealing with respiritory infection again for a third time and i cannot for the life of me figure out how they are getting it or where it is coming from. I keep their coop and run clean, fresh water, its ventilated, i can't see any signs of mould either. The...
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    Respiratory illness

    About 10 month ago a had some hens and all was great for about 3 month. I then introduced some more and after a week pr so they started to display signed of respiratory infection and unfortunetly i lost them all. I bleached, detoled washed and clean everything 3 times, their coop is covered so...
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