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    Pullets or roos? Mix breed 2 weeks old

    Are they all pullets? They are all from the roo and hen in pics. The hens part ee part white leghorn, the roo is a barnyard mix with part egyptian faymoui.
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    Rabbit doe strange pregnancy/overdue

    Pregnant doe had a weird episode and is now overdue. It's a long read but any help would be appreciated. I currently have a doe who has had 1 previous litter that went normally, kindled on day 31 with no complications, 5 kits. After breeding her again this time everything was normal up until...
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    What is my silkie rooster mixed with?

    Just curious what my silkie rooster could be mixed with?
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    What breed is my rooster? 15 weeks

    I got him from a lady who had a bunch of her breeding sets escape and free range some chicks, so some were mixed breed and some weren't. The majority of the birds were silkies, barred rocks and leghorns and since he has the 5 toes and dark skin I'm assuming he has some silkie in there, but I...
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    12 week old silkie white leghorn cross, rooster or pullet?

    Just can't tell if the white ones a pullet or not? The black and grey ones in the second pic are the same age of different silkie mix breeds for reference. The grey ones definetley a rooster.
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