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  1. LCsAChickenLover

    Possible Outdoor Places To Raise Chicks???

    Just wanted to chime in. You have been lucky that your four birds have been getting along in their current set up. But more than likely when you add younger birds, all hell will break loose. It’s much too small and you will feel horrible when you see the torture and abuse your littles will...
  2. LCsAChickenLover

    4.5 month blue Ameraucana, Sacramento

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to find a home for this sweet, docile, handsome boy. Great with us, kids and the dogs. He’s still a bit dorky and trips over his feet or off of the side of the deck while trying to impress the ladies.. He enjoys beard scratches, foot/leg rubs and is easily picked up and...
  3. LCsAChickenLover

    Meyer Bin Chick - What Breed?

    I retract my earlier OE guess and now say Penedesenca due to her leg color
  4. LCsAChickenLover

    Week Old Chick Bin Chick - What Breed?

    She looks very much like my OE. I just happened to stumble onto this thread and had to share two of my chicks. I’ve wondered on and off about these gals since they started to feather in. They’re about 10 weeks old now, the OE (she was that weeks meal maker freebie) and Partridge Penedesenca both...
  5. LCsAChickenLover

    Tractor supply sale $1 ea

    I would say Sicilian buttercups on the spotted ones. I picked a chick from TSC a couple of years back, also for a dollar, and picked due to her leopard print head😍. This is her now
  6. LCsAChickenLover

    Rooster Crowing Contest (no prize) - ends 8/10/21

    This is Nathan, my little EE
  7. LCsAChickenLover

    Best Hen Contest

    Velma, Black Australorp
  8. LCsAChickenLover

    Best Hen Contest

    Buttercup, Sicilian Buttercup
  9. LCsAChickenLover

    8 week EE Green Queen or Green King?

    Thank you. I thought that might be the case
  10. LCsAChickenLover

    8 week EE Green Queen or Green King?

    She was supposed to be a sexed pullet from Meyer, but I’ve had my suspicions about “her” for a little while now. I’ve found a few threads on here that have given me hopes that this is just an early developing pullet?:fl
  11. LCsAChickenLover

    Silkie X Easter egger?

    Here’s a pic of my little EE that is a silkie/ameraucana cross. Love her💗
  12. LCsAChickenLover

    5 week old EE- updated with DNA results at the end

    I also have a green queen EE I’m suspicious of.. 7 weeks old, supposed to be a sexed pullet but has quite the comb..fingers crossed for both of us we have pullets!!!
  13. LCsAChickenLover

    Sex of 9 week old chicks from kindergarten

    Just wanted to say..WOW!! She’s gorgeous🤩
  14. LCsAChickenLover

    What breed do you think this is?

    Not the greatest pics lol but they’re the most current (last week) I’ve got at the moment. You can see the 5 toes and feathers tho!
  15. LCsAChickenLover

    What breed do you think this is?

    The week I got my chicks, the meal maker was an Olive Egger and I had ordered one as well. They were gracious enough to give me two different colored babies (yay easier for me to tell them apart ha!) It will be fun to see what color eggs they lay!
  16. LCsAChickenLover

    What breed do you think this is?

    Her feathered legs gave me the hint she might be! She’s awfully cute❤️ I have a Meyer GQ a few weeks older than yours, she’s gray, feathered legs and 5 toes!
  17. LCsAChickenLover

    What breed do you think this is?

    Agree she looks like an Olive egger. Here is a link that will tell you her breed :)
  18. LCsAChickenLover

    California - Northern

    Sounds like a dream!!!:love
  19. LCsAChickenLover

    California - Northern

    Sounds like the ducks have the right idea! Terrible you have to work outside in this weather.. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but stay hydrated!
  20. LCsAChickenLover

    California - Northern

    Glad to hear they are doing good, yesterday’s heat was terrible!!
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