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  1. GoatHouseProductions

    Raccoon attack :[ so sad right now!

    My runners were attacked by a raccoon yesterday evening. Two are fine, one passed, and one is injured. My poor girls!!!! I'm looking for advice for my injured duck. She can't really stand on one side, she has a scratch down her front side, and a pretty bad wound on her neck. We brought her...
  2. GoatHouseProductions

    Did they sell me drakes? Do hens ever rasp instead of quack?

    Yikes. Trouble with the gosh darn feed store. First they sold me a khaki campbell and said it was a runner. I had a feeling something wasn't right but I thought she'd straighten out or something with age. But nope. She's definitely a khaki campbell but of course I got attached so...what to do...
  3. GoatHouseProductions

    One of these things is not like the others...

    Would a Muscovy hen do okay with Runner hens? Will she feel left out? Will she have a complex because she's different? Will the other ducks pick on her and make fun of her acne?
  4. GoatHouseProductions

    rats. RATS! help! giant rats!

    I have 2 goats, 6 ducks, 4 baby chickens, 2 cats, and apparently GIANT RATS! I saw the evil lurking creature in the goat barn last night and MAN was she bold! And I just KNOW she's sittin on a nest and has babies and oh man I didn't think I was scared of rats until that moment. I was squealing...
  5. GoatHouseProductions

    Sexing Muscovy ducklings

    I'm going to pick up a Muscovy duckling, but I want to make sure I choose a girl. Vent sexing makes me nervous...are there any other tells I should be looking for? The ducklings are about 2 weeks old.
  6. GoatHouseProductions

    chick down! should I worry about the other? is it my fault?

    I had an americauna and a barred rock baby in our brooder with two runner ducklings. We were planning on separating them once we got our split brooder finished this weekend. We just got them last friday, they were a day old. We cleaned the box at least twice a day, made sure everyone was warm...
  7. GoatHouseProductions


    I want some! Are they as loud as calls? (please say no please say no) I'm officially addicted to ducks. Luckily my DRs don't mine (no husband here...4 roommates to contend with!!). I think I may even be winning them over...
  8. GoatHouseProductions

    Just HOW loud are call ducks?

    I have a little urban farm with a couple of lil goaties and 4 runner ducks. Of course I have that itch we all get for more farm girls are great but I want more!! I'm going to add a couple more runner babies to the mix...but...I want something new and different and adorable! Calls...
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