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  1. hillbillydan

    What’s going on?

    I have a hen that’s making a respiratory noise when she’s inhaling. It almost sounds like she’s got a dog toy squeaker in her throat. I massaged her throat, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. I have a video if someone can walk me through how to post it. Help is greatly appreciated.
  2. hillbillydan

    California Gray

    Can California Grays be sexed like Barred Rocks when they're babies? My local TSC has some as one of the Specialty Breeds this week, but I don't need another rooster. Any advice on seeing them at just a few days old?
  3. hillbillydan

    Too young?

    I have 17 chicks that range from 3 weeks to 8 weeks old. I put them in my raised pen today in hopes of leaving them outside. It's completely enclosed with a roof and perfectly safe, but the 3 week old is a bantam I got from work due to him being a little sluggish when we received them. The rest...
  4. hillbillydan

    Rooster's crow has changed?

    We've had Rudy for years and he has always had a pretty typical crow and was our Alpha Male. We had some issues between him and another rooster so I separated him out with 4 hens to keep him company. Then this afternoon, we noticed his crow is VERY unusual. I've heard a rooster with a cold and...
  5. hillbillydan

    How long is too long?

    I had a hen meet an unfortunate end after she was missing for a few days. We found her dead, in the yard, but she wasn't there the day before. Anyways, we found an egg of hers in the yard that same day. We'd like to try and hatch it, since she was such a sweet baby. So my question is, how long...
  6. hillbillydan


    I've had a bantam Cochin roo, since we've had our flock, added a few other here and there and had a issue once or twice. But that was only if we added a mature roo. Last year we added some chicks like we've done in the past and of course a few out of the group were roos. My sister rescued this...
  7. hillbillydan


    I went out to the coop this morning and one of my hens was twisting her neck back around almost completely around. It looked more like a spasm then anything, but it happened 3 times back to back. She was perfectly fine yesterday, but was also lethargic this morning. I don't know if it's just...
  8. hillbillydan

    Swollen Crop?

    I have a hen that has a large growth on her chest. It feels similar to a crop, but it's the size of a softball. I was holding her yesterday and it felt like there was something squirming around inside of it. It has been there for a while, but here recently it seems to be bothering her. I thought...
  9. hillbillydan

    5 roosters free to good hone -Jacksonville, FL

    I have 5 young roosters that I need to rehome as soon as possible. 2 are purebred Phoenix Roos. The other 3 are all mixed breed. They're all under 1 year of age and just started crowing within the last 3 months. If you're interested in all of them or just 1 let me know. The Phoenix have been...
  10. hillbillydan

    HELP!!! Sick pullet.

    I have a young girl, she was hatched the first of June. Yesterday we noticed that she had what looked like cold in her eyes and runniness of the eye. She also seemed to not be eating it drinking as much, so we brought her on the back porch and gave her some electrolytes and food and water with...
  11. hillbillydan

    Murray McMurray free chick.

    I received my order 5 weeks ago. I ordered 16 RIR, 2 White Leghorn, 2 Buff Orpington, 2 Barred Rocks, and 3 EE, all pullets, plus the mystery "exotic". I got 27 in my box. Everything I ordered plus a buff Cochin, pretty sure it's going to be a roo. The 27th baby is this little one. He's the most...
  12. hillbillydan

    I need some advice!

    I'm thinking about getting an incubator. I'd like a larger cabinet size one, for future endeavors. I prefer a minimum of 300 (chicken) eggs capacity. Any recommendations? Also, I've never used an incubator, would you advise me to get a smaller one first, before I buy a much larger one? If so...
  13. hillbillydan

    A few questions from a chicken addict!

    I currently have 20 hens and 2 roosters. I've recently added 12 chicks of different ages and random sex, to the "adult" living quarters. I have 11 baby chicks that were hatched the first week of June, 9 are guaranteed pullets. Anyways, I live in the far northeast corner of Florida. It rarely...
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