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    Should I bring my brooder and chicks inside?

    If they've made it to 2 weeks and your heat lamp keeps it in the 80s you should be fine. How big is your brooder and what type of heat source do you have? I highly recommend a flat panel brooder/heater with adjustable legs and a box that is bigger than your heat panel. The chicks can regulate...
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    How to feed chickens in the winter 🥶

    We have a big tarp over part of the run. It covers about a 4ft wide swath of the entire top and hangs down over one side too. It acts as sun shade, rain and snow block. We have a hanging feeder and placed it near the center of the tarp.
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    What is one thing you figured out about chickens that you wish you knew when you began?

    Are you applying the honey directly to the wound? I had heard about that years ago for people from a beekeeper that had lived in Germany. It's a thing over there.
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    What is one thing you figured out about chickens that you wish you knew when you began?

    How determined they can be to poop in their own food and water. I have spent years looking for the perfect food and water containers with the sole purpose of keeping poop out.
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    Plywood alternatives

    Definitely recommend James Hardie board for Tennessee. Generic name is fiber cement board.
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    Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

    We started our backyard chicken journey with Buff Orpingtons. We gave them British inspired names: Duchess, Countess, Dowager, Lady Mary, Victoria and Elizabeth. Our current ladies and gentlemen are named by personality or appearance: Delaware Blue Hen cockerel, Boss Chicken(nuff said); Delaware...
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    Official BYC Poll: What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About Keeping Chickens?

    Putting the babies outside once their fully feathered. It's like sending the kids to kindergarten all over again!
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Blue Hen of Delaware

    I'm incubating Delaware Blue Hen eggs I bought from the University of Delaware farm in Newark, DE. It's my first time incubating and having Blue Hens. I'm a Delmarva native and have been fascinated with the breed all my life. We're keeping them primarily for egg production. Hopefully there's one...
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    Bad start with chickens; now what?

    We have 9x16 walk in run attached to the coop for six birds. Our coop is the same size as yours. The coop is too small, so my husband building a new one. The run is awesome though there's plenty of room for them to roam in the winter when the hawks are extra hungry. We've introduced pullets a...
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    Reply to review by 'Erinshortcake' on item 'Delaware Blue Hen'

    I'm interested in adding Blue Hens to my flock. Where in DE did your birds come from? Do you breed and sell? Thanks!
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Blue Hen of Delaware

    Do you ever sell chicks or pullets? Are you familiar with the Maryland Poultry Swap?
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