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  1. AmberH

    Marigold and Cora

    I have been chickenless for quite a few years now. I went to visit my cousin this past week and saw the state he was keeping his birds in. He had two chicks in a guinea pig cage with a tarp halfway over it and a soaking wet towel in there. It has been raining for days straight! One of the chicks...
  2. AmberH

    At what age to neuter puppy?

    Dogs and cats can be spayed/neutered at either 8 weeks old or when they hit 2 pounds. Many vets like to wait until they are six months old. Personally, I'd get females done ASAP. I usually wait for male dogs to reach at least a year old. Just personal preference.
  3. AmberH

    New to Ducks...maybe Im crazy you name them?

    Quote: Yes, mallard drakes don't get their pretty green heads until they're about 4 months old.
  4. AmberH

    oh dear, I've caught the duck bug!

    Good luck! I just got my first Runner. They've always been one of my favorite breeds!
  5. AmberH

    Looking to rehome 2 pekin ducks

    Dang! Way to far for me.... Hope you can find them a good home soon.
  6. AmberH

    Looking to rehome 2 pekin ducks

    Where abouts is Bluffton? I'm a bit south of Indianapolis.
  7. AmberH

    How long will it take?

    I made the mistake of putting my couple day old babies in with 2 week olds. Lots of pecking and biting. They ended up killing one of the little ones but it only took a day or so before they're pecking order was established.
  8. AmberH

    I'm a grandma now!

    My muscovy Elvis is the daddy. I'm having issues with my uploader so pics will be slow to come. But I'm so anxious I had to share right away. Last night two little boogers hatched. They look just like little mallard babies. You can't tell but the two babies are under there. There were 7 eggs...
  9. AmberH

    I'm a new Ducky Mama!! Pics!

    Does TSC usually carry Runners? I haven't seen any there but the yellow with brown on their heads look very similar to my runner baby.
  10. AmberH

    Mallard vs Rouen ducklings

    Try different feed stores. I've been to quite a few recently and there are a lot of breeds that you cannot get at TSC.
  11. AmberH

    Interesting Mixed Breed Ducks?

    We just had mallard/muscovy babies hatch. 2 of them... look like little mallards. Daddy Elvis was the Muscovy.
  12. AmberH

    What ducks are more quiet than others?

    Muscovies are very quite. Awesome breed, my favorite. They are on the larger size but that adds to their awesomeness. lol
  13. AmberH

    What are these? Kind?

    I don't know... the black one in the bottom pic, in the far back, looks like a Swedish. The others? Mixed? I'm not to voiced in my duck breeds though.
  14. AmberH

    Swedish Ducks!!

    They're a great and very active breed from my experience. I've not had an issue with leg problems...
  15. AmberH

    when to put ducks outside full time

    I was told they can go outside once they are fully feathered.
  16. AmberH

    New to Ducks...maybe Im crazy you name them?

    Quote: My mallards have names now... Dr. Pepper (aka the jumper) Pepsi Sprite
  17. AmberH

    Taking bets on Muscovy eggs...with prize! Ended, see page 5

    Just because all the good dates are already picked.... April 29th.
  18. AmberH

    New to Ducks...maybe Im crazy you name them?

    I only have three ducks right now and they don't have names yet. One is about a week and a half and the others are are a bit older than the first. Names will come. Totally came to this thread for ideas. lol In the past I had: Daffy: black Swedish hen Yakky: blue Swedish drake Johnny: black...
  19. AmberH

    Swedish Ducks - Good Broodies?

    I've heard that mallards and muscovies are by far the best broody ducks. Mallards are my number one choice for broody mamas.
  20. AmberH

    more tsc ducklings - no, I didn't bring any home

    Last year my cousin got the only crested Swedish TSC had. I couldn't find anymore at any of the stores near me. I was upset. I'm on a mission to get my crested Swedish this year. So far, I haven't seen any Swedish at all. Just mallards.
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