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    Lonely rooster and baby chicks

    I lost most of my flock to a Mink this Christmas, and all I have left is one Rooster and 2 guineas (male and female). After my Guinea cock established dominance over my male Rooster claiming the female guinea.. my Rooster seems lonely. I just got 12 chicks that are now about 3 weeks old, should...
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    Guinea Cock VS Rooster

    I raised my guineas and chickens together. After a Mink attack on my coop this winter. I had 2 Roosters and 2 of my guinea fowls (1 male and 1 female) left in my flock. After one rooster became very aggressive towards me and my small children we had to get rid of him. Leaving me with a Rooster...
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    Mink in the coop

    This was my first winter with my first flock, and we thought for sure our coop was buttoned up and safe for my feather babies... I was wrong. A few days before Christmas I went from getting about 5 eggs a day from my 6 hens to getting maybe one. I just figured its cold out the egg production...
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    Winter weather is on the way, water heaters in the coop?

    Cold weather has begun here in Pennsylvania and I've already had an issue with frozen water in my coop. I'm considering a water heater but looking for suggestions from more experienced chicken owners, this is my first winter with my first flock. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. 😁
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    My Golden Laced Wyandolte has a broken toe, help!!!

    I noticed her limping while running through the yard trying to keep up with our flock. At first I thought bumblefoot, but no. After catching her and bringing her inside to rest I took a day to observe and I'm positive that her middle toe on her left foot is broken. She isn't using the foot at...
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    Hello from Mountaintop Homestead

    SO HAPPY TO BE JOINING BYC! I'm only upset that I didn't join sooner. I just started my first flock on Mother's day 2020. I have 2 roosters, maybe 3. I haven't decided on the sex of one. But 6 hens, they are all about 23 weeks old now, all named after colors and are still my lap chickens. I have...
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    First time chicken Mama. The big question is about insulation, will my chickens die, or not lay anymore.?

    We've been working on insulating the coop we just built for them this summer and we had a few sheets of insulation laying around. Wee the other day I saw them attacking it. Well, scratching it up, pecking at it, and eating it. I'm worried that the insulation won't pass through their system and...
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