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  1. Dlepage

    2021 My first season with chickens

    I just wanted to share a video of my first season with backyard chickens. It had been an absolute pleasure. I can’t say more about how much I have enjoyed falling in love with these four little darlings. I hope you enjoy it
  2. Dlepage

    First snowman

    This is their first winter and they are kinda new to fun in the snow. So we taught them all how to make snowman. Thanks loved it. Next up…snow forts lol
  3. Dlepage

    They trashed my yard 🤨 lol

    So I knew going into raising back yard chickens that they would damage my beautiful gardens, but I didn’t care I always wanted chickens. For years I talked about getting chickens when I retired. So in April of 2021 my dream came true. See video below But what I did not expect was they would...
  4. Dlepage

    Just love my chickens lol

    The best thing I ever did is retire and get chickens during a pandemic lol
  5. Dlepage

    They all want the same nesting box

    I’m a new backyard chicken mom and I have 4 chicken hand raised from day old chicks. The just started laying a couple of weeks ago and now they all want the same box…at the same time. Any suggestions they have lots of other options three actually nesting boxes on the ground they never used and...
  6. Dlepage

    Scare crow for hawks

    I had A scare with a hawk flying over my yard it didn’t land and it didn’t try to grab my chickens but it flew over and and that was enough to make me do something so I put string with tinfoil pans spinners across all the open space and I made a scare crow Seems to be working just fine. Only...
  7. Dlepage

    Dream come true

    Well after years of dreaming I finally did it!!! I got my chickens No words can describe it so I mad a video lol I hope yo can see it I put it on YouTube
  8. Dlepage

    First egg !

    Yay we got our first egg. I’m gonna try to pst a sort video but no sure if it will post. Well it won’t let me upload a video 😳 So sad, it was pretty funny lol
  9. Dlepage

    Sand in coop scoop the poop

    Hi everyone!!!! I have just built and painted my first backyard chicken coop this summer! In April we got 4 day old chicks and now they are around 20 weeks I lost count the exact age. It’s been so much fun! I use sand only in my coop and run and I have zero smell and zero flies in or around my...
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