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  1. QuartzGem

    Hi! I am so exited to be here!

    Parrots, Cockatiels, parakeets and a few more
  2. QuartzGem

    Hi! I am so exited to be here!

    -Being kind is always the best-
  3. QuartzGem

    Angeline: the Bad Bun Chronicles

    Carmela is my favorite name!
  4. QuartzGem

    Serama Rooster Sick With Green Watery Poop and Curling Comb

    Greenish droppings can be as a result of giving your birds a diet high in weeds, grasses, greens, and vegetables. Such products make the chicken poop to look green as an indication of spending most of their time free-ranging or consuming leafy green treats in your garden. So, (if I am correct)...
  5. QuartzGem

    Female or male Indian Ringneck

    I think that this is a male too, the dark ring is a sign that it isn’t a female.
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