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  1. ivyleechick

    EE/Brahma babies

    Both of our Australorps went broody at the beginning of June so we decided to put some fertilized eggs (EE mom and Brahma Dad) under one of them. The chicks are 4 weeks old and I am thinking we have 3 pullets and one roo. I think the roo is the white chick with speckles on its body and head. Any...
  2. ivyleechick

    Swollen eye

    Last night when putting our chickens away for the night we noticed Dot's eye and ear were swollen. Her eye was still swollen this morning and I am wondering what the best way to remedy this issue and what would have caused it?
  3. ivyleechick

    Feather loss

    I am trying to figure out if we have a mite/lice problem or if our girls are starting to molt. All of our girls have either bald spots or are showing there fuzzy down in spots. We have one that is particularly bad because she was heavily picked on by our rooster and he made her back and the tops...
  4. ivyleechick

    Aggressive rooster behavior

    My first question is why will our EE rooster only attack me, but he doesn't seem to have an issue with my daughters or husband? My second question is what is the weird noise he continues to make any time I come close to him after he attacks me and I knock him away? The noise is kind of a weird...
  5. ivyleechick

    "Olive egger" egg color

    My pullets are just starting to lay and I had a suspicion that my Sapphire olive egger wasn't laying olive colored eggs. Today I watched her go into the chicken coop and continued to watch until she came out. I then went and checked the nesting box and found a warm pale brown egg (pictured...
  6. ivyleechick

    Eggs of new layers

    My girls are 19 weeks old and have just started laying this past week. We have two Australorps, a Production Red, a Dominique, a gold laced and silver laced wyandotte, a sapphire olive egger, and two EE's. I don't know which ones are laying, but I had a couple of soft ones initially, then the...
  7. ivyleechick

    Aggressive roo

    I have a 9 week old EE roo that started grabbing the neck feathers of my 9 week old pullets. Would he be trying to mate with them already? He seems too young to start doing something like that. Any input would help. Thank you.
  8. ivyleechick

    Sexing Easter Egger chicks

    I purchased three EE pullets, but I am questioning whether two of them are actually females. I'm pretty sure Dusty is a girl, but I am really questioning whether Brownie is or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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