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  1. Ari_m

    Are peahens loud?

    I absolutely love peacocks and the calls - I wish I could have a male. But I don’t want chance getting complaints. I’m renting the pasture land and it’s more of a rectangular shape, if that makes sense- so the neighboring houses are closer. I’ve heard during the breeding season the males will...
  2. Ari_m

    Are peahens loud?

    I was wanting to get at least two peahens. - no males. Are the females noisy? I have roosters, but I’ve heard people get extremely annoyed by peacock calls and they can carry on for miles. I read the females don’t do those calls. Also, would multiple females get along? And will they wander if I...
  3. Ari_m

    How are the various colors in one breed developed?

    I haven’t been able to find any articles about this- not even sure how to search for it. All that comes up are egg colors.... I love how there are so many varieties in colors within a breed. I know that people usually introduce another breed and keep breeding, culling, and selecting for the...
  4. Ari_m

    Crossing Wyandotte Colors??

    I’m curious of what results would be when crossing a black laced red Wyandotte rooster over a silver laced hen. It would be a sex linked color so the pullets would turn out gold and the cockerels silver as chicks. I’m wondering if the lacing would still be somewhat present in the cross, or what...
  5. Ari_m

    Wyandottes - Meat experience + Bresse or Delaware cross??

    I’d love to hear anyone’s experiences with good quality(not hatchery) Wyandottes- and hybrids as well! Photos, growth rates, average finishing age & weights, are all greatly appreciated as well. I live in a neighborhood and have gotten along well with my sweet Delaware rooster who only ever...
  6. Ari_m

    Results of Delaware x Black Jersey Giant?

    I’m planning to hatch some chicks from this Jersey Giant hen and my Delaware rooster to see how they grow out for meat(butcher between 24-30 weeks). I’m interested to know what colors the offspring could turn out? I’d think they might be mottled, barred to some degree, or a Columbian pattern of...
  7. Ari_m

    Delaware Crosses - what can be sexed at hatch?

    I have one Delaware rooster. I’d like to cross him to a hen that will give chicks that can be sexed at hatch. I can get more roosters(space/ hen ratio, and other reasons), so he’s what I have to work with. Delawares are barred diluted by the Columbian pattern/gene, so the barring will only show...
  8. Ari_m

    Cream Legabar Delaware Cross Results??

    Ok, Thanks! Do you think they would be able to be sexed by color or pattern at hatch since they both have barring genes?
  9. Ari_m

    A strange type of comb!!!

    Are you living in Greece where you have these? My family is Greek and we visit every few years. I would love to try to find some hatching eggs of various local breeds and land races to attempt to bring back home with me! I’ve heard of a few different land races there
  10. Ari_m

    Delaware Roo crossed with Cream Legbar Hen

    Oh, too bad. I’ll definitely hatch some of her eggs and see how the chicks turn out.
  11. Ari_m

    Cream Legabar Delaware Cross Results??

    I just got this Delaware rooster and plan to hatch chicks out of him later this summer or next spring. One cross in particular I’d like to try out is my cream legbar hen. She lays a nice blue egg, is a very productive layer, good size, and has an all-around great disposition for free ranging...
  12. Ari_m

    Delaware Roo crossed with Cream Legbar Hen

    Wow, that pullet is beautifully colored! I just got a Delaware rooster and intend to cross breed to my cream legbar as well. Do you have a photo of the pullet when she’s older? Did she lay greenish eggs and have a crest as well? I’m curious to see what I should get :)
  13. Ari_m

    Late Blooming Rooster??

    Ended up a hen! I must say I’m a little disappointed. I was really looking forward to the idea of her turning out a rooster- the colors would be beautiful! She never once went in the nest box until one day she went in and laid her first egg - she’s continued to lay almost daily ever since. And...
  14. Ari_m

    Brahma Rooster & Smaller Hens???

    I have one Brahma chick that is sexed as a pullet from a hatchery, but accuracy for them seems about 2/10 chicks are roosters. In the case of it turning out a rooster, I’d like to keep it. It’s from cackle hatchery, so I’d guess it wouldn’t get too big and heavy? My mature laying hens are...
  15. Ari_m

    Quiet Rooster breeds?

    I know this is an old thread but I would love to have an update on this breeding project? Where have you gotten with the crowing consistency? Do you sell them now?
  16. Ari_m

    Bresse Chickens From Sunbird Farms??

    Sounds good to me! I don’t want the chickens from the store- that’s why I’m getting Bresse :)
  17. Ari_m

    Bresse Chickens From Sunbird Farms??

    I’m looking to get a dozen Bresse hatching eggs when the weather warms up to keep them for meat. Does anyone have experience with Bresse from them? Or any other breeders. Looking for large, fast growing Bresse with a broad breast. I’ve heard some hatcheries don’t have great Bresse for meat...
  18. Ari_m

    Late Blooming Rooster??

    That’s very interesting. This one is a Swedish flower. I heard of another of this breed that developed super late as well. The breeder I got them from had said hers don’t generally get combs that large yet but the feathers weren’t right for a cockerel. She’s leaning towards pullet but said this...
  19. Ari_m

    Late Blooming Rooster??

    I originally thought pullet but I’ve been confused by the difference in size and behavior compared to the other pullets. Either way I can’t wait to see if it lays an egg or starts developing new feathers!
  20. Ari_m

    Late Blooming Rooster??

    I don’t have it on video, But it’s identical to what I’ve heard from other roosters. My main question is if hens do this kind of thing, bringing food to others, etc?
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