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  1. Cazook

    quail injured toe - amputate or leave?

    Thanks guys. I left it alone and it did fall off. She seems pretty unconcerned about it and is running around with the others, lol. Quail are hardy little things.
  2. Cazook

    quail injured toe - amputate or leave?

    I found one of my quails with a ball of dirt stuck to her toes. I took her inside and teased the ball off with warm water, but her toe is quite injured to the point I don't know if it has circulation anymore. It's as if she was biting it herself to get it off. I cleaned the foot and put a little...
  3. Cazook

    Kerosene incubator circa 1914 still in use

    Wow! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Cazook

    Chicks hatching earlier than expected

    depending on the breed hatch times can be different. bantams often come out at day 18-19. or could be high incubator temp.
  5. Cazook

    Adoptive mother duck won't let ducklings eat or drink

    She hasn't accepted them as her own. You need to remove them and raise them yourself or they'll be in trouble. Usually broodies will only accept day-old chicks and not reliably, 1 week olds is a bit much even if the duck is a proven mother.
  6. Cazook

    Broody hatch-a-long!!! With Pippin!

    These are Bato's 5, pictures back from July. I need to get pics of Kali's 3 but those ones are not tame at all (they lived in the main coop from the beginning, while Bato's were put in the little broody coop and got much more handling). Bato's chicks are the most tame I have ever seen. I can...
  7. Cazook

    Broody hatch-a-long!!! With Pippin!

    I need to upload the photos of mine. Tentatively out of 8 chicks I think I have 6 pullets (maybe some slow developer will surprise me though) so it's a good result this year. Bato weaned her chicks after about 4 weeks and just went back to the main coop and now ignores them, while Kali is still...
  8. Cazook

    Leghorn Mystery Hatch- whose your daddy??

    they got their colour from the mother.
  9. Cazook

    Artificial Turf in Duck Run?

    sounds like it would be a poop-filled nightmare in a week and the ducks might try to eat the plastic. plain dirt or a thick layer of chopped straw would work better imo.
  10. Cazook

    Ended BYC Poultry Knowledge Quiz - Win Prizes!

    I think I was refreshing too quickly, it seems fine now
  11. Cazook

    Ended BYC Poultry Knowledge Quiz - Win Prizes!

    6) mille fleur sablepoot
  12. Cazook

    Ended BYC Poultry Knowledge Quiz - Win Prizes!

    Images aren't loading for me :(
  13. Cazook

    Ended BYC Poultry Knowledge Quiz - Win Prizes!

    More info needed. Is the question "which came first, the chicken or the chicken egg?" or just egg? if a nondescript egg, then the egg came first obviously. many animals before the chicken come from and lay eggs. if the question is specifically about a chicken egg, then obviously the chicken egg...
  14. Cazook

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    connie and scriver, the mischief makers. (cream legbar x pavlov)
  15. Cazook

    Misshapen eggs for months - what gives?

    Sounds like dodgy shell gland. She might be at higher risk for stuck egg or internal laying issues, but not really much to be done about it beyond making sure she has adequate calcium, nutrition and other living conditions.
  16. Cazook

    How to catch nasty rooster

    Net works, but easiest way is to chase it into an enclosed run where you can more easily catch it. Two long sticks make it much easier to 'herd' the chicken where you want it to go. Once it's in the enclosed run, it's easiest to chase it down by standing relatively back and using the fact that...
  17. Cazook

    Baby chick won't eat and he keeps dozing off

    How is the chick today?
  18. Cazook

    Avoid these coops!

    I've got one that I use for brooding chicks. Works great just up until the time they can move in with the main flock. You need to put a bunch of bricks under the nesting box area though, cause a fox can come up right through the floor. We have a mild climate here so it has lasted 3 years without...
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