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  1. DStewart PDX

    Is there a place for duck breed reviews?

    Is there a place for duck breed reviews other than in forum threads? The chicken breed reviews are so helpful, I thought it would be a good resource for ducks, too.
  2. DStewart PDX

    Best time to relocate muscovy nest?

    Greetings! My muscovy mama Becky is starting her second nest. Her first nest she made in the chicken coop, which is very secure. She has instead chosen a spot under a tree, which has no security. I have a secure place for her, an adapted doghouse. When is the best time to move the nest? She is...
  3. DStewart PDX

    muscovy won't go broody?

    Hi, all - I have three muscovy ducks all a year old and all laying for a few weeks now. The drake is a pretty good guy and easy to get along with. Plenty of eggs are accumulating on the nest they all share, but no one is going broody! How long should I wait before I give up and throw them in the...
  4. DStewart PDX

    Handling muscovy social relationships?

    Greetings! I have one muscovy drake and three scovy ducks. The drake and two ducks get along well, hang out together. The third duck seems to be increasingly isolated from the others, keeping her distance. This morning, she didn't even come for treats when everyone else was there, she just hung...
  5. DStewart PDX

    Are cayugas really ready for harvest in 6 weeks?

    Greetings, duckers! On another thread I posted about meat birds, a duck keeper said cayugas are ready for harvest in six weeks! Is that for real? That would be faster than a CornishX. Is it true?
  6. DStewart PDX

    Best breed for dark meat?

    Greetings, BYC! I did some Heritage Whites last year and they produced the typical giant slab of white mean on the breast. I don't care for white meat, and much prefer dark meat. Do y'all know what breed might have more dark meat? Or at least a breast that is a little darker, more flavorful? Is...
  7. DStewart PDX

    Something hanging out of Muscovy drake's butt - help?

    Howdy, y'all! I'm new to muscovies, so I need some help finding out what this is, please. My 7 1/2 month old drake had a bloody string hanging out of his butt this morning. Sorry for the bad picture It does not look like a foreign object. Is this normal duck parts or should I be concerned. He is...
  8. DStewart PDX

    How much to pay for a retired layer?

    I hope this is the right place to start this thread. Recently, I have tried to shift my chicken meat consumption to proper backyard and farm birds only, avoiding CornishX and other such birds. This means happening across the occasional rooster or other cull bird, getting birds from neighbors...
  9. DStewart PDX

    Repeated molting

    My Moyers brown hen is now on her third molt this year. She molted last winter, molted again mid-spring, and is now molting again. No eggs since she laid just a few in the spring. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  10. DStewart PDX

    OK, dressing that Muscovy was hard!

    I knew it would be different than a chicken, but man, that took me forever! But, I am smarter now and will do better next time. The plucking! Good grief! Tried plucking dry like a gentleman showed in a video, and that down was not coming out. So I scalded the bird with hot, soapy water, and then...
  11. DStewart PDX

    Which Muscovy drake to eat?

    My scovies are ten weeks. I am pretty sure I have three drakes and two ducks. I would like to keep one drake and the two ducks for breeding, and eat two drakes. The candidates: The largest drake, who has outgrown the other two by a fair margin, but is also a bit of a bully and may or may not...
  12. DStewart PDX

    Muscovies will not go into coop at night

    Hello, duck people! I have six muscovies about eight weeks old. They are getting along with my four laying chickens, and everyone has been sleeping together in the chicken coop without incident. My problem is the muscovies will not reliably go into the coop at night. Two or more of them often...
  13. DStewart PDX

    How to post a breed review for S&G Heritage White

    Greetings! I posted a thread in Meat Birds, etc. on my experience raising a few S&G Heritage White birds. However, I do not see this breed represented in the chicken breeds list, and think it should be. I am a computer user of limited skill, and my searching efforts on BYC did not return much...
  14. DStewart PDX


    I have prowled BYC for years for all the wonderful information! I just now became a member. This is a wonderful community.
  15. DStewart PDX

    Heritage whites from S&G experience

    Greetings, all. I wanted to try my first batch of meat birds, and considered both red rangers and heritage whites. The whites were easier for me to get. I got only six. One did not develop properly and died at about 4 1/2 weeks. The remaining five are now just over five weeks old. These chicks...
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