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  1. Ineke9909


    Last night a bear, probably a young one, tried to get into our coop. Thank goodness he was not successful. He did tear down part of the fence around the day run outside, but the hardware cloth on the coop run held 🙂
  2. Ineke9909

    Club moss/crowsfoot

    I live in the Appalachian foothills in western North Carolina. My woods are full of crows foot club moss. Is this safe for chickens?
  3. Ineke9909

    My rooster ate a wild mushroom

    Should i be worried? Do they know what is safe and isn’t? Before i could stop him he gulped down a small brown mushroom, we’ve had so much rain lately.
  4. Ineke9909

    Silver lace barnevelder rooster needs a home.

    I have 2 roosters and not enough hens. Fred is not aggresive, 6 months old. We are in western North Carolina.
  5. Ineke9909

    What age do chicks get their adult feather patterns?

    I have a small flock of Barnevelder chicks around four weeks. One splash, one blue and the rest silver laced. I think two of them are cockerels due to their combs being a little bigger and have red. The feather patterns on them don’t look like what they should be as adults. Is the first batch...
  6. Ineke9909

    Hello from Western North Carolina

    I’m new to chickens, finally able to have some. I have seven now three week old Barnevelders. Hoping to get at least 4 pullets 🤞 We re building a nice coop between rainstorms and are brooding them in a walk-in shower with glass doors. Working out quite well.
  7. Ineke9909

    Brand new at this, raising my first chicks

    Just wanted to join in the fun, my hubby is building a nice coop . Meanwhile, the chicklets are using one of our showers as a brooder. It’s working out great, no drafts, safe from our dog, run the ceiling fan for odor control. We have a heat lamp and a box with a heating pad on it. When they are...
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