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    Oregano oil

    I was researching parasites in chickens and found that many big chicken companies use a drop of oregano oil in the water and it prevents not just parasites but many illnesses. It builds the immune system as well. I have been giving Pyewacket oregano leaf in her food as well.
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    My two month old Silkie cock a doodling

    This is Bo.2 months olds. Yesterday when I turned the coop light on this one let out a loud, course, and really poor excuse for a cock a doodle doo. Thing is Bo was hopefully a hen; as the other two we have. This morning… it happened again. Now I have read if there is no rooster a hen may crow...
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    Hi Chix Palace has officially opened!

    Hi I’m Pyewacketsmom. I have three 4 week old chicks. Pyewacket is the showgirl, Zoe and Bo are silkies. They are pets. I have raised many strange not quite domesticated pets in the past. Many bird breeds including pheasant, parrots, cockatiel named Food. pot belly pig, lizards, iguana to name...
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