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  1. buckboy101

    Switching Feed

    Hey ya'll! I was wondering if I could swap my DuMor Layer Crumbles for just regular cracked corn and my chickens would still be fine. I think we all know that times are tough and money is tight, so I really need a cheaper feed solution. Please help if you can. Thanks so much!
  2. buckboy101

    **Old English Game online poultry show!**

    Hi everyone! This is a old english game online poultry show. To enter, just post a picture of your prize old english game chicken and put the name of your chicken with the post. You can also vote by posting replies, I will tally the votes after a couple of weeks and we will see who wins! Good...
  3. buckboy101

    Possible egg-bound chicken

    Hi everyone, I have a hen that will go to the nesting box a lot and only drinks and eats a little, so i thought it was egg-bound, but then i looked at the symptoms and it said swollen vent and my hen dosen't have that. Is she egg- bound? And if so what should i do?
  4. buckboy101

    Hen Savers

    Has anyone had any experience with these and do you suggest them?
  5. buckboy101

    Does anyone else out there just love backyard poultry magazine?!?

    I <3 Backyard poultry!!!
  6. buckboy101

    Red chicken contest

    All reds are accepted, new hampshires, rhode islands, Red sex links, and all other reds! vote on your favorite!
  7. buckboy101

    sex links

    I was told that when sex link chickens reproduce that they don't create a new sex link chicken, instead they will create a mix of red chickens. Is that true? I could really use some help on this one.
  8. buckboy101

    Want 4 rhode island red hens about 17 weeks old

    I will drive to pick the 4 rir hens up
  9. buckboy101

    Chicken worming

    Does anyone know where to get dewormer for chickens?
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