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  1. My hen house

    Will quail go to coop at night

    I'm thinking to build something similar to this for quail my question is will they go back up in the evening or can they be trained to
  2. My hen house


  3. My hen house

    Roo or hen meat chicken

    I am asking for a friend who might be taking this chicken back to her flock After this chickens friends got killed by a predator It is supposedly 6-8 weeks I would think 6-7 weeks hen Cornish cross meat chicken What do you think?
  4. My hen house

    Breeding different color feather sexing quail I've been thinking of getting these hatching eggs and my question is if I hatched from eggs they layed and I didn't separated the different varieties would the chicks still be feather sexed
  5. My hen house

    Quail hatching eggs for sale in Cleveland

    I'm looking for farms or hatcherys that sell hatching Coturnix quail eggs Not a must but extra points if they are feather sex Within at most 45 minutes from 44124 I really don't want to have to ship especially since I only need 20-25
  6. My hen house

    How long can i keep rangers

    I thought of this idea to get 10-15 rainbow rangers in the spring and butcher them throughout the summer as I need Would this work or would they get to heavy and have health issues after a 8-11 weeks I've been trying to look online about about it but all I see is to bucher at 8-11 weeks
  7. My hen house

    What breed?

    I got five chicks from tsc none have feathered feet Thanks in advance
  8. My hen house

    Cochin with weird stuff on her ankles

    I have a sliver laced cochin who is currently molting (I'm not sure if that's part of the or not) anyways I was looking her feet seeing if I need to trim feathers or cut off mud balls and I noticed that she had 2 bumps below her spur basically the same size as her spur as they are not that big...
  9. My hen house

    Hawk attack

    my 7 month old black copper maran got attack this morning guessing to be a hawk other than a missing toe and she half way closes one eye she seems to be decent Her face is a little pale and she doesn't have an big appetite like usually I'm holding her right now and she seems to be sleeping and...
  10. My hen house

    Looking for a article

    I'm looking for a article for a friend that wants to build or buy a coop Basically what I'm looking for is how big, what is predator proof etc.
  11. My hen house

    Chick not eating

    I hatch a chick this morning right now it does have friends but will soon it is not eating but is drinking a little I open its beak and gave it a little food It only has one wing (long story) it can stand and kinda crawl on it's own but can't really walk/run around Is this normal (besides not...
  12. My hen house

    Cat ate wing off chick

    I've been looking at the chick that's injured and I realized the its wing is missing (the cat ate it) right now I'm letting it dry off what should I do when I get it out It dosen't seem to be in too much pain
  13. My hen house

    Safety hole

    So I have an egg that is not moving, not peeping but is externally pip I'm on day 20 I'm wonderful if I should make a safety hole or when I dont think the mebraine is broken yet though
  14. My hen house

    When to raise humidity

    I'm on day 18 no pips or internal pips yet when should I raise the humidity
  15. My hen house

    Soft shells

    I have a golden laced Wyandotte that lay an egg today in middle of no where and when I touch it, it broke I tried giving her more calcium but I only have oyster shells that are hard to mix in with their other food
  16. My hen house

    Sell me on an incubater

    I am looking to hatch a least 20 eggs (it's fine if it holds more) I am willing to spend at most $200 on it depending on how much it holds Please only suggest items that *YOU* have had a good experience with I currently have the janoel 12 and want a bigger incubater (also it dosen't work the best)
  17. My hen house

    When to remove egg turner

    So I put eggs in my janoel 12 on march 25th when should I remove the egg turner for best results
  18. My hen house

    What temp for 7 week old chicks

    So I have 4 7 week old chicks their hatch date is 2/24 I'm in Cleveland Ohio the Lowest it gets at night is 30 Fahrenheit only on a few of the nights of the week they have been weened from the supplement heat already How cold can they stand I have 3 other adult chickens that would be...
  19. My hen house

    Wheat free chicken feed

    There is an upcoming Jewish holiday called passover and you can't eat wheat including your pets and animals So I need to find a feed to feed my chickens without any wheat I can feed them a all flock mix, layer mix or scratch any of that would be okay for them for only 1 week I currently feed...
  20. My hen house

    2020 april hatchalong

    Not sure if there's an april hatchalong or not but I have 9 eggs in my janoel 12 expecting to hatch april 14th
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