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    Review by '' on item 'Golden Sex Link'

    I have 3 golden comets, and they are all sweet birds. Aside from the occasional toe-pecking, they like people. When they started laying, they laid with good regularity and nice eggs, though they didn't lay until 23 weeks, while some people claim they lay at 15. They will sleep on the roof, and...
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    When do chickens lay?

    My GC pullet seems mature and ready to lay. She has been squatting and seems like she has been trying to lay for a few days, but no egg. She is 21 weeks, so should have laid a while back. Am I getting too excited?
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    What's the Longest Amount of Time You've Ever Waited for a Hen to Lay Her First Egg?

    My one hen has appeared to be trying to lay eggs, but so far no luck. She has never laid before, but I heard that sometimes that can still mean egg binding. I have also heard that it can take a while for the first egg to be laid. Which (if any) is true?
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    What's the Longest Amount of Time You've Ever Waited for a Hen to Lay Her First Egg?

    My golden comets were promised to lay from about 15-18 weeks, but....... 21 weeks and no eggs!
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    Comment by 'catsandpoultry' in item 'Silkie'

    I know people who have silkies. They are great, tame birds and cute, fluffy mothers!
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    Seriously.............I am unsure of how to winterize, and I have heard that my breed of hen (Golden Comet) is not very cold hardy. Well, at the store where we buy our feed, they said putting hay on top of and around the coop is good.
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    How much room do bantams need?

    Well, actually, I did the math and my run is a bit larger than 25 square feet.
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    Haha I'm me!

    Haha I'm me!
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    18 week old Golden Comets...could they be ready to lay?

    My golden comets are 18 weeks old and seem really big and full grown, but no eggs or any obvious signs of them. They poop like crazy in the nesting boxes but never lay eggs. Are there any signs of when they will start laying?
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    How much room do bantams need?

    I have 3 cinnamon queens/golden comets in about a 25 square foot run, but I know a feed/supply store that has 2 silkies in a pretty small cage, though they let them run around some because they are very active birds.
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    Golden Comets

    So about how many weeks do most golden comet hens start laying? I have 3 who seem full grown, so I would like to know when they will start laying.
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    Chickens On Roof

    Thank you so much!
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    Chickens On Roof

    I am sorry if I am being a nuisance, but I have another question: One of my chicken's feet seems to be slightly more swollen than her other foot. There is no scab. Could it still be bumble foot? Does anyone have a picture of what a normal (live) chicken foot should look like? Thank you so much!
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    Golden Comet Producing Odd Droppings, On New Feed

    Ok! Is it ok to occasionally give them treats like grass, strawberry tops, etc?
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    Golden Comet Producing Odd Droppings, On New Feed

    Thank you so much! Is there anything I can do (i.e. feed, treats, water) to keep her healthy?
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    Chickens On Roof

    Thank you everyone!
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    Golden Comet Chickens, HELP!

    I have golden comet pullets, they are very cute and are fine to sleep anywhere, even on top of the coop! They do that a lot. I guess they like to be up high?
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    Chickens On Roof

    All three, or sometimes only two, of my 15-week Golden Comet Pullets will sit on the roof of their coop at night instead of going inside, even if it is very dark outside. When I try to put them in the coop, they fluff up and squawk. Thy don't jump up on the roost, like they used to before, they...
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