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  1. chknmomma

    What is in the chickens poop? Bugs? **Photos** graphic

    BEWARE: Poop photos are graphic. I went out today to clean the coop and add more shavings. I pulled the poop tray and saw something bizarre. All I can think is a trip to vet is in my future. But holy cow, I am stumped and disgusted. What in the world is going on? It may even be hard for...
  2. chknmomma

    Can you set an egg with a small crack?

    I just put some eggs under our broody tonight. But I noticed that one had a hairline crack. Only noticeable in the daylight and not by the lights in the house. Does it have a chance? I haven't put it under her yet. This is the one and ONLY egg I have from her and our new roo before she went...
  3. chknmomma

    BLRW - 8 weeks old - boy or girl?

    OK, please overlook the horrible injury. I had posted another thread last week in the emergencies section about the incident. She is healing - these photos were taken over the weekend. Head is getting a big scab now. Our special bird did not have a solid place in our house prior to the...
  4. chknmomma

    Oh wow, did not see that coming

    My daughter had a playdate today with 2 friends both 6 year olds. We were sitting out in the yard in a circle with our 2 silkies chicks, 3 weeks old. Everyone was under strict orders to stay sitting down and the kids were nicely holding and rocking the chicks. All good. My daughter suddenly...
  5. chknmomma

    HELP - babies head picked to bone by flock!! (beware - photos)

    Oh my gosh! I am so sick with guilt today. I have a 2 hens living in a coop. Then 1 wyandotte who brooded 2 babies. The babies are 6 weeks old now. The whole flock free ranges together during the day but get locked up separately. Yesterday our property flooded from the rain and the...
  6. chknmomma

    Comb photos - please help with spots

    My chicken's comb has gone from looking rather dry, to looking like it has a couple pecks to this current state. This process has been going on since January or so. Any ideas? What other things should I look for? Other than her comb, she is my completely normal, docile, very well trained...
  7. chknmomma

    When using an incubator, can you.....

    Disconnect it and move it? It would be only for a maximum of 6-9 minutes. Only this would happen once a week until lockdown. To explain: I am going to hatch eggs in my daughter's school class, but won't be able to go to school during the weekends and keep an eye on things. Will it ruin our...
  8. chknmomma

    Have you found fertile Grocery eggs in WA?

    I am doing an experiment with my daughter's class. We are making a homemade incubator, and I wanted to find grocery store eggs to put in there. Our Trader Joe's does NOT carry fertile eggs and some of the area co-ops dont either. People sound like I'm crazy when I ask for fertile eggs!! I...
  9. chknmomma

    2 hatched, 2 still under mama - day 22 - now what?

    There were 4 eggs under mama. Now 2 hatched on friday. 2 still have not hatched. Saturday was 21 days. What do I do about the other 2 eggs? How long do we keep them under her? Any help, thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  10. chknmomma

    When is it safe to look under Mama?

    Oh my goodness!! Today is day 21. I can hear peeping and various noises. But I'm afraid to lift up and peek. When is it safe to peek under a small feather of mama hen to see if there are babies??? Thanks!!
  11. chknmomma

    What does blood ring look like?

    I have 5 eggs under a broody due this weekend (saturday I believe). We are on day 16. I have 1 egg that does not look like the other 4. I have it marked. Last week, there were 2 that looked different, but I cracked open one of them. Accidentally killed the baby in there. So I'm not going...
  12. chknmomma

    How long can broody leave nest without hurting eggs?

    It is 40 degrees here today. Just about 40 exactly. When I pick my broody and make her leave the nest for some free ranging time, I've been putting her back on after 5 minutes. I feel bad sending her back to her room :-( Before I gave her the fertilized eggs, she would go back on her own...
  13. chknmomma

    Questions for helping broody hen hatch some eggs

    Hi I am new to chickens this year. One of my hens (9 months old) went broody; so I got some fertilized eggs for her to sit. Now I have a few questions!! I have her setup in our small, enclosed greenhouse. I made a little nest and home for her. She has her own area, nest box, food and water...
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