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  1. Melinda35

    can anyone identify this fish?

    We found a ton of these in a mud hole that catches run off from the highway. We had put 5 very large catfish in this mud hole during the drought late last summer. Now the hole is getting low and the tanks are finally filled up so we needed to sane out the fish to put them in deeper water and...
  2. Melinda35

    dewberries/blackberries okay for treat?

    I have an abundance of dewberries/blackberries (depending on what you want to call them). This is not on the list of treats but I was wondering if anyone has ever given this to their chicks/chickens. Mine are not a week old yet but I thought they might enjoy a few here and there. I just wanted...
  3. Melinda35

    My new girls and one boy are here!

    I was fortunate enough to get to pickup my babies yesterday at Ideal. It is nice living so close that I don't have to worry about the chicks going through the stress of shipping. I ordered 10 Salmon Faverolles, 9 girls and one boy. They did not mark the boy so I hope that I got him. Here are a...
  4. Melinda35

    Pleasant surprise!

    I have been missing three EEs for the last three weeks or so. I thought that may be a hawk had gotten them as I have not had any predators and there was no sign of feathers anywhere. Saturday I was at the clothesline and I heard the sweetest chirping noise that I knew was a baby chick but I...
  5. Melinda35

    Silkie this normal?

    I have seen so many silkies that are cute as can be and then there is mine. I have never seen one look like my roo. Is his comb normal? It looks.....well...disgusting! He is from Ideal but purchased at TSC. He is four months old. I thought the other bantam roos were messing with him but there...
  6. Melinda35

    Dark Braham or Silver Penciled Cochin Roos?

    I have two of these. I know they are roos because they crow quite loudly! I need to rehome so just wanted to make sure I knew what I had. They are 4 months old and were purchased at TSC from the assorted bantams bin. They are from Ideal. rooster #1 rooster #2 Thanks for all the help!
  7. Melinda35

    Help identifying bantam chicks, please!

    These chicks were purchased at TSC. They are about 4 weeks old and come from Ideal. They all have furry feet. I think this brown one is a boy! I have two of these blue colored chicks. I had a better picture but can't get it to upload. I have two of these as well. It is hard when they...
  8. Melinda35


    :f I am hoping for a silkie. My husband got this out of the "assorted bantams" bin at TSC for me. I actually got six of them since you can't buy any less than that. This is the only one with black legs, black beak and fuzz around the eyes. Thanks for the help.
  9. Melinda35

    Chick hatching in coop and it is freezing

    I have a chick hatching out in my coop and it is freezing already. Since I am in central Texas I do not have a completely enclosed coop. My hens and roosters do just fine with this but I am concerned about the chick. Of course it is in a wooden nest box with mom so I am hoping she will keep it...
  10. Melinda35

    sick RIR pullett

    My RIR pullet that is about 7 months old is acting sick. I noticed about three days ago that she was holding her tail down. This morning she did not come out of the coop and was very easy to catch. I have put her in a small cage away from the other pullets. She is not laying down at all. She is...
  11. Melinda35

    two roosters in one cage?

    I have two Red Sex Link roosters that I need to separate out of my flock. My roosters will not leave my ducks alone. Today I found the ducks hiding in the corner of the barn. They are scared to be with the flock now. I do not think there are enough chickens to go around for four roosters so I am...
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