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  1. earnhardtlvr

    Cayuga ducks and winter

    Hi! We r new Cayuga duck parents. We have 3 girlies. We r trying to figure out what to for them for the winter. Does anyone have any tips or pics of ur water set up? Wehavejust used a kiddie pool all summer and they have loved that! But obviously we can't dothat in thewinter and so we dont...
  2. earnhardtlvr

    Help!!! I don't want to have a popsicle Silkie!

    I have a 7 month old blue silkie who is not doing well with the cold weather here in Western MD. She is only about 2-3 lbs. This coop used to b a smokehouse and is heavily insulated. My Dad built this about 40 years ago. We have straw in there and the only opening now is the prop door and the...
  3. earnhardtlvr

    Need help with my White Crested Black Polish chicks!! PLEASE!!

    I have 3 WCBP. All are around 18 to 19 weeks old. I don't have pics of them yet to show what I am asking about, but can get some pics tomorrow if I need to. I am trying to figure out gender. 2 of them have big full head dresses and are very rounded and smooth and pretty. The other one's wig...
  4. earnhardtlvr

    Roo's for sale: EE, GLW, & Sulkie

    These roo's r free! If u r not local U would be responsible for shipping. I live in Western MD, zip code 21711. I have never sold b4 so I don't know what shipping would be. I got the chickens from mypetchicken and the sulkie at a swap. They were supposed to b hen's. They have meark's...
  5. earnhardtlvr

    Free Rooster's

    I wasn't sure where I should put this, but this is where I normally post and answer question's. If it should be moved that's ok! I have 3 roo's...1 EE, 1 GLW, and 1 Sulkie. All three have been nice to me and my DH, especially the Sulkie, but they r being mean to the girls and I don't like it...
  6. earnhardtlvr

    Mulch in run?

    We have a few bags of mulch left over. It has no dye in it at all, it is animal safe cuz we have dogs that like to lay in it! We were wondering if it would b ok to put in the run? We use straw and pine shavings in their coop. My teens are 15, 16, & 17 weeks old. They have already desecrated...
  7. earnhardtlvr

    how much space needed??

    we r getting a trio of cayuga ducks next weekend. how much square feet do i need for them at night? we r going to purchase some type of housing for them for night. during the day they will b hanging out with the chickens in the run with their swimming pools and stuff. at night, we decided to...
  8. earnhardtlvr

    have question's about rooo's!! UPDATE post #8 HELP?!

    Ok so we started out with 31 chicks...2 died nd one had to b re-homed. So out of the 28 chicks left only 3 were straight run and so therefore possible roo's. As it turns out only 1 of those 3 is possibly a roo and 3 of my pullets turned into roo's!! I'm a little bit upset, but I like all my...
  9. earnhardtlvr

    look at my babies!! PIC HEAVY

    Here is a pic of my 2 polish girls: Laday Gaga & Captain Terri, my 2 buff brahma's: Fairy & Princess, and one of my light brahma's: Eenie This is one of my polish girls again: Lady Gaga & another light brahma: Meenie This is one of my barred rocks: Sweet Pea This is one of my...
  10. earnhardtlvr

    Welsummer?? or the Milkman??

    I have one chick that I have been getting conflicting breed info I thought I would post pics of just this bird and see what people thought. I think this chick is a welsummer??? This is a picture I found online of a welsummer.
  11. earnhardtlvr

    Who is my Daddy??

    Everyone seems to b hanging out here tonight and I can't get anybody on the breed/gender section. All of u have helped me raise these babies, so can u help me one more time?? Pretty please??
  12. earnhardtlvr

    Who is my Daddy??

    I need help identifying breed and gender on a few of my babies. Can u help?? This is supposed to b a bantam I got, but compared to my RIR's and Buff Brahma's it is pretty much the same size. Does have blue tinted feet. What breed & gender?? Here is another bird we have no idea about...
  13. earnhardtlvr

    What in the world am I? Daddy thinks the MILKMAN!

    Ok, we have no clue what this bird is. I THINK it's 1 of our assorted chicks from my pet chicken. It was born on April 4, 2011. Please help us!!
  14. earnhardtlvr

    Girlies (& a few boys) getting settled in for the night! PIC HEAVY

    Here r some pics of my babies coming in the coop and settling in for the night: (weren't too happy with me for flash going off on them tho ) Now...this pole was NOT meant to b a roost and we never thought they would get up there, but one of our EE's, Ms. T, and polish roo, Don King...
  15. earnhardtlvr

    Please help with trying to find different watering system for chicks

    Would everyone tell me what type of watering system they use for their chiks in the coop/run? I'm asking for different water solutions for myself & friend on here. We have water at the coop, but my problem is the turn over waterers were all leaking and making a muddy mess in the run. Then we...
  16. earnhardtlvr

    Am I gonna be kicked off raising baby chicks?

    I don't know what to do...I don't want to leave these section of the forum!! My babies r growing up and r juveniles more raising baby chicks!! What do I do? Chicken math is not an option. I just don't have room at all for more babies and 28 juveniles in my coop. I guess I will...
  17. earnhardtlvr

    Cayuga Ducks

    Does anyone know where I can get some cayuga ducks without having to pay a small fortune in shipping? I live in western MD. I am looking for 2 females & 1 drake. Thanks!
  18. earnhardtlvr

    Want to buy Cayuga ducks

    We live in the Hagerstown, MD area and r interested in bying some Cayuga ducks. Anyone??
  19. earnhardtlvr

    Over run with flies!!??

    Is anyone having a big fly problem this year? They obviously r especially bad around the coop & run no matter how much we clean and we use DE religiously. They r just really bad everywhere this year! We like to sit out and wath the chicks in the evenings and cannot even do this to the flies...
  20. earnhardtlvr

    DE with Calcium bentonite & ? about bedding in the run

    Does anyone know anymore about this? I had bought a bag of DE that was food grade and when I asked the co-op if they could order a larger bag it now says DE with calcium bentonite? The other DE was white and this stuff is gray. I'm primarily using it to help keep the fly population down in...
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