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  1. catsandpoultry

    Chickens On Roof

    All three, or sometimes only two, of my 15-week Golden Comet Pullets will sit on the roof of their coop at night instead of going inside, even if it is very dark outside. When I try to put them in the coop, they fluff up and squawk. Thy don't jump up on the roost, like they used to before, they...
  2. catsandpoultry

    Layer Feed at 15 Weeks?

    Is 15 weeks too early to start layer feed fro Golden Comet Pullets? I don't think they are having very much trouble so far, except for watery droppings from one of them.
  3. catsandpoultry

    Golden Comet Producing Odd Droppings, On New Feed

    Hi! I am relatively new to raising chickens, and very new to Backyard Chickens. I have 3 golden comet pullets. One of them, Pebble, has been producing mostly liquid, some solid droppings. I don't think she is sick, but I know watery droppings aren't good. They have 24/7 access to food and water...
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